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Inside The Design(s): June 24 HGTV Marathon

Checking out the latest Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon? Explore the designs you’re seeing now and during a special Forever Home Flashback episode at 9 et | 8 ct.

Forty-Year Home (Season 3, Episode 2)

Freda and Eric bought their first home six years ago, when their daughter was born. They loved that the family before them had happily lived there for 40 years, and moved in hoping to do the same. 

Las Vegas Classic (S1, E6)

After renovating a string of cookie-cutter-style homes in order to give them more personality, we had a completely different assignment for this vintage Las Vegas home: preserve its quirkiness.

Raise the Kids, Ignore the House (S1, E11)

Vanessa and Michael have spent the past 16 years raising their two sons in the same home, in the same Toronto neighborhood where Vanessa grew up. Grandma is down the street, the boys are now teenagers—but while this family has changed, the house hasn’t.


Hand-me-down Forever Home (S2, E7)

Michelle and Brian’s forever home has been in their family for 20 years: 10 years with Michelle’s mom, and now 10 years with Michelle and Brian, who added twins to the happy family. 


Hammer, Hammer, Pedal, Pedal (S2, E5)

Sally, David and their two teenage sons are into cycling—and we mean really into cycling: They even had a room exclusively for training and riding! 

New Family, New Floor Plan (S3, E10)

Patricia and Bruce had made a lot of memories over the past 10 years with their son Logan in their suburban Forever Home. When Patricia and Bruce adopted his late brother’s two young kids, they suddenly needed their house to match the size of their hearts. 

Old Neighborhood, New House (S3, E8)

Keri and Andrew found the perfect home for their large family, with her parents around the corner and plenty of space in the house—but they needed to make it functional for their family’s future. 


A Forever Home for Two (S2, E8)

Leah and Jason’s forever home took almost that long to find, but after 50 tries, they finally got the house they wanted. Four years later, they still love the house, but they had taken their DIY projects as far as they could. 

Forever Home Flashback: Amy and Kate (S2, E2)

Amy and Kate fell in love with a vintage home in an urban neighborhood filled with friends for their young twin boys, Edgar and Hank. But 9 years later some of the charm of their character home has worn off. 

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