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Inside The Design(s): Aug. 11 HGTV Forever Home Marathon

Looking for some relief from the heat today? How about some cool renovations in today’s Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon? Check ’em out!

Family Heirloom Home (S3, E9)

Nicole’s grandfather built their home in the 1950s. The home is rich with family history, and Nicole and husband Graeme are happy as can be, raising their three kids in the home she grew up in. But a house that used to work for three people was no longer functioning for their family of five. 

With Neighbors This Good (S3, E11)

Brooke and Ben used to live abroad and moved houses eight times in 10 years. Seven years ago, they decided to return home to raise their kids and settled in a neighborhood surrounded by an incredible community. 

Change The House, Not The School (S2, E13)

Elaine and Skee love their small house, but they love their neighborhood school even more. Now, with three kids, Elaine and Skee knew something had to change, and it definitely wasn’t going to be the school! 


Forever Home Family Tradition (S2, E1)

Amy and Dominic come from a long line of Forever Home-dwellers: their parents still live in their childhood homes, and Amy and Dominic want to give the same consistency to their two boys. Their home of five years is within walking distance to work and family members, but we wanted their house to be as comfortable as it is convenient.

So Much Love to Give (S4, E1)

Kevin and Jammie bought their suburban Vegas home when it was just the two of them. Years later, they jumped at the chance to adopt three boys under five —and ended up adopting their baby sister, too. 

Making It Ours (S5, E11)

Michele and Brian are combining their design styles in his L.A. Spanish-style bungalow, which includes adding functionality and improving the flow of the main floor’s disjointed layout. By the time we finished installing Spanish tile and renovating this home into a modern Mediterranean retreat, we were practically eating tapas and drinking Rioja wine.

Build The Love Together (S5, E9)

Amber and Alex are high school sweethearts who wasted no time finding their L.A. dream home: a bungalow that’s close to both of their families, who they wanted to have over for holidays and get-togethers. And that was the problem: all the space was in the wrong places! We helped open up their main living area to give these young lovebirds a cool, modern home that reflected its caring owners.

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