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Inside The Design(s): April 22 HGTV Marathon

Enjoying the latest Property Brothers marathon? Check out some of the designs you’re watching on HGTV right now, and tune in to Property Brothers: Forever Home tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET, including a brand-new episode at 9 p.m. ET.

Reno, Interrupted (Season 13, Episode 2)

After dropping everything to take care of a family member, Jana and Larry were finally ready to sort out their living situation—and to give their son, Noah, his own special space. 

A Home To Hug (S14, E11)

Darryl fell in love with Nevada’s mountains and desert when he was stationed in the area back in the ’80s. Now that the military man is semi-retired, he wanted to make his favorite vacation town his hometown, and he enlisted his daughter, Alex, to help him find the perfect place. 

Owning An Oasis (S14, E13)

After renting for more than a decade, Mike and Sophia were more than ready to be homeowners. The young couple moved to Las Vegas last year for a job opportunity and were ready to upgrade to an open-concept home with a large yard for their two energetic pups. 

Renovation Therapy (S13, E10)

With two small kids and lots of sweet keepsakes, Kat and Ryan needed more space than his former bachelor pad could ever provide. So we transformed this choppy home into a flowing space where little ones and mementos can be seen at all times. 

Fit To Reno (S14, E15)

Terin and Bryan met while working together nearly 20 years ago, and they’ve spent the time since moving around the country and building their businesses—he’s a partner at a consulting firm and she owns a fitness travel company. They’re finally ready to settle down, find their dream home, and they want no detail spared in the process! 

Color Clash (S13, E5)

After moving eight times in 15 years, Lesli and Dave were ready to say goodbye to house-surfing and builder-grade finishes. They’d dreamed of owning a charming waterfront property but settled on this 50-year-old home with a pool and—surprise!—extensive electrical issues. 


Hammer, Hammer, Pedal, Pedal (Property Brothers: Forever Home S2, E5)

Sally, David and their two teenage sons are into cycling—and we mean really into cycling: They even had a room exclusively for training and riding! 

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