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Forever Home Pre-Thanksgiving HGTV Marathon

Join us for Thanksgiving preparation with a Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon this afternoon on HGTV, then come back for a brand-new Forever Home tonight at 9|8c.

Family Friends (Season 1, Episode 6)

Brian and Meghan’s sprawling Las Vegas property is a good example of a tough life lesson: Even the nicest homes can have design flaws.


Hammer, Hammer, Pedal, Pedal (S2, E5)

Sally, David and their two teenage sons are into cycling—and we mean really into cycling: They even had a room exclusively for training and riding! 

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Raise the Kids, Ignore the House (S1, E11)

Vanessa and Michael have spent the past 16 years raising their two sons in the same home, in the same Toronto neighborhood where Vanessa grew up. Grandma is down the street, the boys are now teenagers—but while this family has changed, the house hasn’t.

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Changing It Up For Teenagers (S1, E14)

Tamara bought a home in her childhood neighborhood nearly two years ago, so her two teenagers could enjoy being close to Tamara’s parents and the ample park next door. As it turned out, the kids were over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house all the time, because Tamara’s house couldn’t accommodate their friends in a fun, easy way.


A Home Fit For Superheroes (S3, E6)

After living in small city condos, comic enthusiasts Adam and Waylon (and their adorable cats) found a spacious suburban home to settle into and start the next chapter of their lives. 

Move-In Ready (S3, E12)

Jackie and JR tried for years to have children and had almost given up when their dream came true and they had two beautiful girls. Now, they needed a home to raise them in! 

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