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How to Throw An Earth Day Celebration Indoors or Out

Being cooped up inside doesn’t mean you can’t give thanks to Mother Nature! These recipes and products will help you celebrate no matter where you are.

portrait of Drew, Scott, and Linda for Earth Day
Drew’s wife, Linda, was born on Earth Day, so they’re all about a sustainable party.

“We often overlook just how much the Earth gives us. We should celebrate and give back to this wonderful planet any chance we get. More parties like this one? Yes, please!”


5 Ways to Throw a Planet-Friendly Party

1. Veg out

It takes many more resources to raise animals than to grow plants, so cutting back on meat is a great way to go greener. And as this vibrant menu proves, there’s nothing boring about a meatless party!

2. Raid your cupboard

Instead of buying plastic or paper party supplies that you’ll just end up tossing, take a look through your existing plates and linens—and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Don’t have enough? Try a vintage or thrift store.

3. Make leftovers disappear

At the end of the night, set out the leftovers and some reusable containers and let guests divvy things up. It’s the party that keeps on giving!

4. Go solar

Having an outdoor party? Invest in solar-powered party lights. You’ll conserve power and your backyard will look amazing, no extension cords needed.

5. Flex your flower power

Shop for flowers as you would food. Aim for local and seasonal options, and if you can pluck something from your garden, definitely do that. If you buy an arrangement, ask the florist to skip the floral foam. The green cubes break down in water and harm marine animals.

Sustainable Party Menu

Click on the photos for some of our favorite recipes this Earth Day!

The Last Straw: You already know that plastic straws, well, suck (pun intended), but a soggy paper straw is also a bummer. A better solution? These pretty reusable glass straws, pictured in the drinks above ($39 for four).

Seize the Season: Build your menu around what you can find at your farmers’ market, like crudités and dips that use fresh veggies. Buying local means a smaller carbon footprint for your food and fresher produce, too. If you can, walk or take public transportation to the market. And always BYOB (bring your own bag).

Toasted Couscous Salad with Arugula, Dates & Feta
Toasted Couscous Salad with Arugula, Dates & Feta

The New Bamboo: The latest tableware blends sustainable bamboo with other materials for an eco-friendly reusable plate. The cute, dishwasher-safe peach and blue plates ($16 for two) (pictured at bottom right) are made from a mix of bamboo, corn, and a bit of melamine for durability.

Use It Up: To cut down on food waste, use one ingredient in multiple recipes. In this menu, for example, there’s cilantro mixed into the falafel patties, pureed into the sauce for the skewers, and used as a slider garnish.

Sorbet Swirl Ice Cream Cake
Sorbet Swirl Ice Cream Cake

A Little Sweet: This stunning ice cream cake is made in a loaf pan. Sure, it’s on the smaller side for a birthday cake, but how many times have you left a birthday party and seen more than half a cake left behind on the cake stand? Making something that’s just the right size means less waste later on.

“Some of my fave ways to show our planet some love? Volunteer for a beach cleanup, or enjoy an evening in with all the lights out.”


By Hannah Baker & Nina Elder | Portrait by Meredith Jenks | Food photographs by Caitlin Bensel | Recipes by Sarah Karnasiewicz | Food styling by Rishon Hanners | Prop styling by Audrey Davis

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