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The Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers to Buy Right Now

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Keeping your kitchen organized is far easier said than done. The kitchen is one of those spaces that accrues clutter no matter what. From cutlery to pots and pans, containers and lids to lunch boxes, there’s an abundance of tiny things that can easily become one giant mess, and sometimes the best we can do is tuck everything away to make room. Without organizers, things will only look put together—and that mess is bound to resurface again. But the best kitchen drawer organizers can tackle even the junkiest of junk drawers.

When everything has its own special place, you’ll not only be able to find what you need easier, but you can also clean up faster. The less time you spend digging around and hoping you don’t get poked by something sharp, the more time you’ll have to cook and connect with loved ones. And once you’ve finished organizing those drawers, consider tackling your kitchen cabinets, laundry room, or bedroom next. A more organized home makes for a more stress-free life.


Royal Craft Wood Drawer Organizer



This set has multiple boxes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you have the flexibility to fit them wherever and however you need. The larger ones could house oddly-shaped items like spatulas or pizza cutters, while the smaller ones are great for measuring spoons.


Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Knife Block



The last thing you want to do when fumbling through a drawer is accidentally slice yourself. This option will keep you safe and organized all at once. Plus, it keeps the sharp stuff off the counter and out of sight from your little ones.


YouCopia StoraLid Lid Organizer



Never scrounge around for that storage container top again! This set also comes with adjustable dividers so that you can organize your lids however works best for you.


Lynk Professional Spice Drawer Organizer



This spice organizer will stop all those little bottles from cluttering up your counter and helps you see when you’re low on your beloved red pepper flakes.


Eltow Expandable Cutlery Organizer



Sometimes you want a temporary spot to stash away some extra items. This organizer can expand out from three to five compartments to fit your needs whenever and wherever.


Utopia Kitchen Bamboo Silverware Organizer



Just because your storage options are limited, doesn’t mean there aren’t tools that can help keep smaller spaces tidy. Reviewers agree that this tray is perfect for narrow drawers.


SpaceAid Food Storage Bag Organizer



Say “hello” to the perfect way to keep all your food storage bags in one place with easy access. Not only will it keep you organized, but it will even keep the inside of your drawers aesthetically pleasing. (By the way, we love these compostable bags from Amazon!)


BambĂĽsi Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers



With oddly-shaped drawers, tiny kitchen drawers, or drawers you just can’t find the right organizers for, these adjustable dividers will be perfect. They have strong springs to keep them tight in place, and make sure your contents stay in place. Remove, reposition, or reorganize however you’d like, whenever you’d like.


Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Organizer



For deeper drawers that can handle more weight, this organizer is perfect for tackling cutting boards, baking sheets, pans, and more. Its durable and versatile, which also makes it perfect for pot lids or plates you need stowed away.


SpaceAid WrapNeat 3-in-1 Wrap Organizer



Not only do these food wrap organizers look beautiful, but they’re also incredibly useful! Quit fumbling with the aluminum foil container or clipping your fingers on the jagged edges—food storage just got way easier.

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