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The Punch List: Out-of-Reach Fixes

Some household fixes never get done because they’re simply out of reach. For homeowner Adriana, this was literally the case as she had light fixtures that were so tall, she couldn’t change the burnt-out bulbs. Not to mention, she was stuck with Venetian blinds in the master bedroom that let in too much sun. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! Enter Jonathan: a handyman with height who can come up with quick and easy fixes for this tall order. 

Take a look back at this episode of The Punch List above and read the tips below to see how Jonathan tackled Adriana’s issues in under an hour. Which is a relief for Adriana because after all, the bedroom should be your retreat… not a place where you need to keep sunglasses on the nightstand.

Fix 1: Tackle Sky High Bulbs

Adriana’s light fixtures were over 20 feet high, so how was she supposed to change burnt-out bulbs? To remedy this, Jonathan swapped in more efficient LED light bulbs for these high fixtures, which won’t need to be replaced for about ten years. 

Fix 2: Replace Out of Reach (and Out of Date) Blinds

We don’t love the look of Venetian blinds even at ground level, but 20 feet up? No wonder Adriana and her family wanted an update. Thanks to new custom shutters, they can choose how much or how little light they want at any time. And Jonathan set them up with an extension rod to help them open and close them, too. 

Fix 3: Update an Inaccessible Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan in their master bedroom was missing a remote, so it couldn’t be controlled. By installing a remote-controlled replacement, they can get better airflow and more light with a single click.

Adriana and her family had been slowly remodeling their home since they moved in, but some of these fixes were a tall order and got left behind. Thanks to Jonathan’s help on The Punch List, their out-of-reach fixes are a thing of the past.

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