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Oh Baby! Drew and Linda’s Nature Nursery

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Drew and Linda welcomed Parker James, their first child, to the world in May!

They wanted everything to be absolutely perfect for his nursery—and all they had to do for inspiration was look out their window.

Drew and Linda put lots of personal touches in the nursery—including childhood stuffed animals.

When Drew and Linda found out they were pregnant, it didn’t take long for the couple to start planning the nursery. They quickly landed on Linda’s craft room, seeing as how their bundle of joy would be their biggest project yet!

“Taking my crafts down and moving my mom’s sewing table out was a little bittersweet but also joyful because we knew it was for something we’ve been wanting for a long time,” said Linda. (And don’t worry—they’re keeping Mom’s sewing machine.)

Although they didn’t know whether they were having a boy or a girl, Drew and Linda knew they wanted a nursery filled with whimsy, adventure, and love, so they chose a nature theme that would reflect their wild spirits and care for the world. The couple then got to work converting a space full of creative energy into one that would encourage tranquility. Down came Linda’s sunny lemon wallpaper, replaced with an immersive forest panorama.

“We wanted a space that was relaxing for the baby and for us, since we knew we’d be spending so much time here,” Drew said.

They added branch shelves that look like they grew right out of the forest print and loaded them with woodland creatures—the plush kind, that is. Included are the teddy bear and bird that Drew had as a child, as well as a teddy bear of Linda’s and a stuffed tiger to commemorate Parker’s birth year as the Year of the Tiger.

“We wanted him to feel like a storybook had come to life in his room, with all of his animal friends watching over him,” Linda said.

The couple installed plenty of seating, including a Maxi-Cosi Cassia Swing for the reading corner, a glider for Mom and Dad to rock and feed, and a daybed that Drew lobbied hard for (don’t miss Drew’s other recommended essentials for new parents).

“Everyone said it wouldn’t fit, but I knew it could!” Drew said. “I wanted somewhere to give us a chance to nap while he does.”

The parents made sure to put lots of themselves into the room as well, including Drew’s childhood diary, a book of Scottish poems, photos from Linda’s travels, and a cradle where all three Scott brothers—JD, Drew, and Jonathan—took turns snoozing in their first months.

“Mom and Dad had disassembled it, wrapped it, and stored it in the barn on the family farm for more than four decades,” Drew said.

With some help from friend and master craftsman Anthony Angelis, the cradle was restored, and now Parker has a lovely heirloom piece where he can peacefully sleep.

“These sorts of items are important to us because they create a story about how everyone in his life has been waiting for him to arrive,” Linda said.

“Other nods to the past include the original doorknobs from Drew and Linda’s home, which they repurposed into clothing hooks on the back of the door. And because no room in the house would be complete without a touch of technology for Drew, they installed Scott Living by Smith & Noble Smart Shades to quickly provide a comforting environment, especially for those midday naps.

“We’re still catching up on sleep whenever we can, but every moment we spend with Parker is the best moment of our lives,” Drew said. “We’re tired, happy parents.”

The couple’s journey to parenthood was not easy, which made Parker’s arrival even sweeter. They document their joys on At Home with Linda and Drew Scott, available on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

We wanted to create a place filled with whimsy, adventure, and love, and the theme of nature kept coming to us. We want to instill in Parker the passion for the natural world that we have.


Old Made New: The Next Generation

When Drew asked his parents, Jim and Joanne Scott, if Parker could have the same cradle that he had slept in as a baby, he didn’t know what to expect. The cradle was in pretty rough shape, having been stored in the family barn in Western Canada for decades. For help restoring the cradle, Drew and Linda turned to Anthony Angelis, a master craftsman who works on Property Brothers: Forever Home and other Scott Brothers Entertainment shows.

Along with Anthony’s expertise, Drew used a nontoxic organic wood stain so it was safe for Parker. “Always look for zero-VOC paints and stains, especially when using them for children’s rooms,” Drew says. “We love being able to use the family cradle for Parker, and knowing it’s safe will help us all sleep easier!”

Photographs courtesy of the Scott family.

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