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10 Best Easy Indoor Plants Anyone Can Handle

snake plant

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With their vibrant looks and proven health benefits, incorporating some of the best indoor plants into your home is one of the quickest and easiest decorating ideas out there. The only snag? If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, the idea of bringing them into your space can seem daunting. But never fear—there are tons of easy-care indoor plants out there that will thrive with minimal effort, so you can enjoy greenery even if you travel a ton, live in a space that doesn’t get much light, or just plain stink at keeping plants alive. In fact, specialists like The Sill, Bloomscape, and Lively Root even have sections on their websites devoted to easy-to-grow indoor plants.

We rounded up some of the easiest, loveliest plants you can buy online to make your space warm, inviting, and even more beautiful than it already is. Take a look at some of our favorite options below. Whether you’re searching for a statement-making snake plant, a simple succulent, or a little pop that adds to your spring decor, these picks will help you turn a new leaf. (Yes, pun intended!)


Jade Plant



Jade plants are known for living a long time with very little care, so they’re a great option for nearly any household. This elegant succulent shows off small-yet-sturdy leaves and requires nearly no maintenance. When the soil is completely dry, just saturate it again, and it will continue to thrive.


Dracaena Janet Craig Plant

Home Depot


Bring some tropical vibes into your space with this low-maintenance Daracena Janet Craig (aka Madagascar Dragon) plant. The bushy leaves show off a deep, shiny green that looks elegant against the included white planter.


Snake Plant Laurentii

The Sill


If you love the look of a snake plant, then you’re in luck! These are known for being very easy to take care of, and they come in loads of different varieties. We’re big fans of this one, which is available in three sizes and features upright, yellow-edged leaves.


Swiss Cheese Mostera

Lively Root


If you love seeing mostera designs on everything from throw pillows to serving platters, then why not bring home one of your very own? This Swiss Cheese Mostera is the perfect addition to a space in need of some stylish natural charm.


Cuddly Cactus

The Sill


You won’t have to worry about getting pricked by this Cuddly Cactus, which features smooth skin without the needles common to other varieties of cacti. Just set it in a sunny spot, and it’ll thrive with very little watering or maintenance. It even arrives in its own grow pot, nestled in the planter color of your choice.


Golden Pothos

Lively Root


Known for being virtually impossible to kill, the Golden Pothos is a popular pick for shoppers looking for an easy addition to their home. This option needs very little light and water, and it looks just as beautiful displayed on a shelf as it does hanging from the ceiling or wall.


Hedgehog Aloe



The Hedgehog Aloe plant is not just beautiful but useful, too. If you cut off a little piece, you’ll have fresh aloe to soothe cuts, burns, and scrapes. This baby loves sunlight, and if you put it outside during the summer, it might even sprout some eye-catching red flowers.


White Bird of Paradise



The White Bird of Paradise is native to South Africa, but it will do well in your home if it’s displayed in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. The broad, bright-green leaves add color and life, and it should stay looking great as long as it’s not too parched.


Aglaonema Siam Pink



The pink edges on the leaves of the Aglaonema Siam Pink plant will add an element of softness to any space. Also known as the Chinese Evergreen, this stunner has been associated with good luck for centuries. Keep it out of direct sunlight and don’t overwater, and you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.


“Bonnie” Spider Plant



Prized for its adaptability to a wide variety of conditions, spider plants are an ideal choice for anyone looking for an easy-care option. This one features striped, ribbon-like leaves and might even sprout small white flowers. Choose from two sizes: 4” and 6”.

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