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Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color of the Year Is Here and You’ll Want to Use It Everywhere

Benjamin Moore's 2024 Color of the Year, Blue Nova 825

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Announcing the Color of the Year has become a moment that so many eagerly await. Paint, design, and graphic brands will painstakingly choose a color that then influences everything we shop for—clothing, home decor, technology, and so much more. In fact, Benjamin Moore just announced their new Color of the Year for 2024 and we dove in to see what it was all about.

Blue Nova (825) is a rush of adventure; a mod moody hue; an elevated classic. The Benjamin Moore 2024 Color of the Year flaunts creativity and a subtle approach to contrast and possibility. The company’s inspiration bloomed from travel, celestial wonder, and breaking out of routine. In combination with macro trends and complementary themes that seemed to transcend interests (nature, fashion, culture, etc.), a beautiful color board was presented to the public.

So how is the Color of the Year chosen, and what inspires the decision? What do the brand’s color theorists have to say about it? And how can you incorporate this marveled hue into your own home next year?

How is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year chosen?

It’s easy to assume that the Color of the Year is sort of a hat-pick from an array of fan-favorites. But Hannah Yeo, Color Marketing & Development Manager at Benjamin Moore, says the process of choosing Color of the Year is actually quite analytical. When deciding on Blue Nova and the rest of the 2024 palette, the team researched and dissected noticeable trends and where they stemmed from. 

“In terms of colors themselves, we have seen a progression towards warmer and statement making colors over the years,” Yeo says. “A lot of colors we pulled certainly reflected that sentiment. However, as the team continued the conversation, not only did the depth and intrigue of Blue Nova stand out the most, but it also is a great color that bridges between warm and cool hues.”

The team’s research also showed a prominent lean toward complementary and contrasting color combinations. Yeo states that this played a large role in their decided palette. “The 10 colors that make up the Color Trends 2024 palette were designed to create captivating color pairings that give a sense of juxtaposition, with Blue Nova leading the way,” she says.

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova is the main attraction as a part of their Color Trends Palette for the new year. Also included in the palette are White Dove (OC-17), Topaz (070), Teacup Rose (2170-50), Honey Bee (CSP-950), Pristine (OC-75), Polar Sky (1674), Hazy Lilac (2116-40), Antique Pewter (1560), and Regent Green (2136-20). Together, the palette is a congruence of something rich and robust, with soft charm and elegance.

Get the Look of the 2024 Palette

What makes Blue Nova different from 2023’s Color of the Year?

Succeeding the Benjamin Moore 2023 color of the year Raspberry Blush (2008-30), Blue Nova differs greatly in its personality. While Raspberry Blush and its accompanying palette gave a punchy and unpredictable vibrancy, we see 2024’s coloring as a more subtle marrying between the bold and the classic.

Raspberry Blush was quite the contrast to previous years’ Color of the Year. 2021 and 2022 were neutral and safe, a sort of shelter inside the everyday chaos that came flooding into our lives at that time, and we were in need of something bold and energetic—something to give us our “happy” back. Raspberry Blush was about turning up the saturation and letting some color back into our lives.

Now we approach 2024, where we are embracing change, letting ourselves get creative and taking on new challenges. With the name taking inspiration from a new star formed in space this year, “Blue Nova calls us to unknown places in search of new experiences.”

Benjamin Moore 2024 Color Palette

How can you implement the palette in your own home?

Hannah Yeo provided a bounty of inspiration for using this color in the everyday home. “The depth and contemplative quality of Blue Nova makes it a great fit for a study, or home office. That said, this color is flexible enough to be an excellent choice for a bedroom, living room, and even a ceiling would be amazing in this color. ”

She says, “Likewise, Blue Nova is fantastic on cabinetry—think of a kitchen island, base cabinets, or a vanity. Blue Nova offers an opportunity to be creative, whether it is used to drench a room in color or define a portion of a room with a captivating hue.”

You can pick up a gallon of Blue Nova or any of the other palette colors at your local Benjamin Moore store or paint supplier. Now grab a paint brush and go get inspired!

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