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November, 2019 | D&J Editors

6 Dreamy Guest Room Tips for Holiday Hosting

When the holidays are on deck, it means time for delicious meals, seasonal decorations, and plenty of time with all the people you love. In fact, one of our favorite things about the holidays is opening up our homes to family and friends, whether it’s for a festive holiday party or hosting out-of-towners for a couple of nights in your guest room.

In this spirit, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite ways to elevate your guest room and make sure any visitors feel as comfortable as possible while away from home. 

Comfortable guest room bedding

1. Give Them The Royal Treatment With a New Mattress For a Queen Bed

The most important part of a guest bedroom? The bed of course! While it may be tempting to “semi-retire” a family member’s queen mattress into the guest bedroom when you upgrade, your guests deserve the gift of a good night’s sleep, especially after navigating holiday travel.

2. …And Top It Off With Some Luxurious Bedding

Such a comfortable mattress deserves equally lovely bedding. HygroCotton bed sheets are nice for a guest room as they not only look chic, but are unbelievably comfortable. HygroCotton technology makes these sustainably-sourced sheets breathable and moisture-wicking.

3. Add a Comfy Comforter

Mattress? Check. Sheets? Check. But what goes on top? While some of us (“I’m looking at you, Jonathan!” —Drew) might be tempted to swap out the regular guest room comforter for a seasonal variety (“Red and green plaid, anyone?” —Jonathan), a classic comforter that works for multiple seasons is more practical—and economical.

4. Warm Welcome With an Electric Fireplace Heater

The last thing you want is for your guests to be cold while staying over. An electric fireplace is an incredibly easy way to heat a guest room while also upping a room’s cozy factor by at least 500%, scientifically speaking of course. (For real! Just plug it in and you’re set!)

5. Consider The Guest Room Extras

A few small details go a long way to making a room feel more homey. To that end, place a few simple throw blankets and pillows around the room. Not only are they a nice decorative touch, but they’re functional in the case of afternoon naps or cuddling up next to that fireplace. It’s also nice to scatter a candle or two around the room—your visitors will appreciate the chance to enjoy a nice fragrance during their downtime.

6. Lay Out The Towels

No one wants to ask where to find a towel. Make guests feel at home by keeping plenty of fluffy towels easily accessible. Fold a set (bath, hand, washcloth) for each person staying with you on a chair in the bedroom or in the guest bath (if you have one), and have a few more rolled up in a nice basket, just in case. Go the extra mile and place a few sprigs of eucalyptus in the bathroom—so fresh and so clean!

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