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Backed By The Bros: Keeping the Family Business Alive

backed by the bros episode 6

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On episode 6 of Backed By The Bros, we picked up where we left off last week with Drew and Jonathan helping mother-daughter duo Sheryl and Jasper complete their triplex build. They’d been put through the wringer trying to get permits straightened out so they could finally get residential tenants in. And so far, it’s as if they’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Between a flurry of unexpected cost overages, inspections, and delays in construction, Sheryl and Jasper are also trying to get their designs in place so that they’re saving as much money as possible without compromising on style.

Sheryl does have a tendency to go for that luxe look, but at a luxe price tag, so Jonathan showed her new ways to get the glamorous vibes she’s going for without overspending. “You don’t have to spend a million bucks to make a place look like a million bucks,” he says.

After discussions on smart ways to save, Sheryl cut down on some unnecessary costs and became a bit more savvy with her spending while the triplex was being designed and decorated. They also made as much use of their time as possible by staying extra-organized with all the different contractors on site and working from the garage so they were available at a moment’s notice.

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Living Room Before and Afters
backed by the bros episode 6

A bold, bright, and beautiful living room is the backdrop to the entire residence. Sheryl and Jasper created an experience that’s warm, inviting, and immediately makes potential residents feel welcome.

backed by the bros episode 6

The right atmosphere will instantly transform a lackluster space. We know that Sheryl and Jasper have a fantastic designer’s eye, but we really saw that come to life in their common areas. The combination of quartz countertops (another savvy use of their budget!), cozy textiles, and light and bright windows make the space even more appealing.

backed by the bros episode 6

Smart additions like built-ins and interesting interior features like this fluted wall are small components that have a huge impact on the overall look of the room. The entire vignette suddenly becomes that much more interesting. It makes for a dynamic and architectural-looking space that has that luxe feel without the cost.

Bedroom Before and Afters
backed by the bros episode 6

Neutral tones, textures, and artwork made each space feel like a stylish escape without looking too custom. And when it comes to finding renters and buyers, this matters! Cozy finishes and natural elements go a long way in styling a home for potential residents.

backed by the bros episode 6

Sticking to simple wall paint and flooring made each space more budget-friendly and appealed to renters, but still kept it clean and contemporary. Incorporating natural textures like pampas grass, natural wood, and linens helps it feel grounded.

backed by the bros episode 6

After all was said and done, each bedroom became an oasis. Even after all of the ups and downs of construction, Sheryl and Jasper found new ways of making each space feel comfortable and unique.

More Before and Afters
backed by the bros episode 6

Sheryl loves using custom tile to adorn the bathroom, but in this triplex, it would have totally blown their budget. Instead, she got savvy with her methods and used big box tile and vanities to save on money, and utilized creative ways of installing them in order to create a statement.

A bland and barren rooftop patio turned into a sleek and sophisticated hangout zone with simple additions like comfortable patio seating, plants, and area rugs to keep the space feeling cozy. But absolutely nothing beats that view!

Backed By The Bros: Two Sides of the Same Coin

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