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9 Best Towel Warmers for a Spa-Like Bathroom

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The best towel warmers will help you savor the soothing comfort of a hot shower or bath long after it’s over. Because here’s the thing—nothing ruins the benefits of a steamy soak faster than a freezing cold bathroom. With a freshly warmed towel at your fingertips, however, you’ll avoid any chill at all. Beyond the coziness towel warmers provide, they’re one of those luxurious touches that help you turn your regular bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

Of course, not just any towel warmer for your bathroom will do. You’ll want a top-of-the-line selection (as well as the coziest bath towels to hang on your warmer). That’s why we’ve done plenty of research to pick the best towel warmers according to reviews, for a variety of budgets, design preferences, and needs. In addition to warming up your towels, many of our top picks will also heat up robes, pajamas, blankets, and socks to help you feel extra warm and cozy.


Best Overall

Zadro Large Towel Warmer Bucket



This freestanding towel warmer has a 20-liter tub that’s big enough to hold two large towels. (You can even use it to warm up pajamas, a robe, or slippers on extra-cold mornings.) We love that it has four different timer settings for maximum convenience. Plus, it automatically shuts off after an hour, so no need to worry that you left it running when you’re halfway to work. This towel warmer also comes in various neutral colors, so chances are you’ll find a solid match for your bathroom decor.


Best Splurge

Classic Towel Warmer

Pottery Barn


If aesthetics are as important to you as function, you can’t go wrong with this built-to-last towel warmer. The classic design comes in three moisture-resistant finishes (chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black), as well as four dimensions, to suit a range of bathroom sizes and decor preferences. We especially like that it’s wall-mounted, so it won’t take up space on your counter or floor. This eye-catching warmer is also easy to clean—simply wipe it down with warm water and a soft cloth. 


Best Mini Towel Warmer

Mini Towel Heater and Steamer



Sometimes all you need is a warm face towel for your nightly skincare routine. And this mini warmer is up to the task. It can accommodate eight washcloths, or up to four medium towels, and heats up in about 10 minutes. When you aren’t using it, store this beauty in a cupboard to save counter space.


Best for Aromatherapy

Zadro Large Aromatherapy Towel Warmer with Lavender Essential Oil



If you love a nighttime soak, this towel warmer is for you. It comes with calming lavender essential oil, which studies have shown can help improve the quality of your sleep. Simply add a few drops to your towel, and take some deep breaths while you pat yourself dry. We also love that this towel warmer is roomy enough that you can warm up your favorite throw blanket for movie night, as well as your pajamas or robe.


Best Wall-Mounted Option

Wall Mounted Towel Warmer with Built-in Timer



This elegant wall-mounted option has a sleek matte black finish–a design that many reviewers noted looks lovely in their space. This towel warmer offers three different timer settings, and it can reach a temperature of 104℉ in five minutes.


Best Portable Towel Rack

Amba Solo Freestanding Towel Warmer

The Home Depot


This lightweight freestanding towel warmer is easy to move from your bathroom to your laundry room to your pool or hot tub area in a breeze. That means you can dry towels, bathing suits, or even jeans. It comes in two different widths (24 and 33 inches), with a stainless steel construction that has three finishes to choose from (matte black and brushed or polished stainless steel).


Best for Bath Sheets

Live Fine Bucket-Style Oversized Towel Warmer



This spa-quality towel warmer fits one bath sheet (or a towel up to 40×70 inches) at a time, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. It’s also a great option for warming up hand towels or hair towels. This towel warmer is super simple to operate, and your towel will stay warm for up to 20 minutes after the heat cycle has ended. 


Best Budget Option

SereneLife Towel Warmers Bucket



This budget-friendly option has a lot going for it: It fits two large towels at a time, has a built-in timer with four different heating times (with automatic shut-off after an hour), and comes in four different colors at this price range. For those who enjoy aromatherapy, this towel warmer comes with a variety of scents, too, like lavender and mint.


Best Countertop Towel Warmer

Zadro Countertop Towel Warmer



This compact towel warmer sits right on your countertop, so it won’t take up extra space on your bathroom floor. Yet, it’s also large enough to warm one oversized towel at a time, as well as a robe, gloves, scarves, or pajamas separately. The warmer heats towels evenly, with four different timer settings and automatic shut-off after one hour.

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