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The 10 Best Rug Pads to Keep Everything in Place

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Rugs are an undeniably beautiful addition to any room, but they also serve a functional purpose, too. Not only do they add a pop of color and texture to your design scheme, but they can also help dampen sound, add warmth underfoot, and protect your floors from life’s daily wear and tear. With all those needs to fulfill, your area rug needs to work hard and perform well. One surefire way to make that happen? By investing in the best rug pads.

In addition to cleaning it regularly, a quality rug pad will work to extend the life of your rug and help it function better, keeping it firmly in place and helping to prevent any tripping hazards. And, in some cases, a rug pad can even add an extra layer of support underfoot. To help you find the perfect match for your home, we’re rounding up the best rug pads on the market, ranging from rubber and felt styles to memory foam models that feel like a cloud.


Best Overall Rug Pad

Mohawk Home Non-Slip Rug Pad



Thin and practically invisible, Mohawk Home’s rug pad boasts an impressive grip on both sides, helping it adhere firmly to both the rug atop it and the floor beneath it. While it can be used on any floor type, it performs best on hardwood floors, where it will prevent your rug from sliding or wrinkling during day-to-day activities. Prefer a bit more cushion? You can choose from three different thicknesses with this pad: 1/4-inch thick, 1/2-inch thick, and 3/4-inch thick.


Best Rug Pad for Multiple Surfaces

Loloi Grip Rug Pad



At ¼-inch thick, this rug pad adds a noticeable—but not bulky—plushness underfoot, helping keep your rug in place with a felted top and skid-proof rubber back. Even better, it’s suitable for use on any number of surfaces (including wood and tile floors, as well as atop other rugs) and can be easily trimmed for the perfect fit.


Best Memory Foam Rug Pad

RUGPADUSA Memory Foam Rug Pad



For rooms where softness and comfort are king (think: your bedroom), you’ll want to add this cloud-like rug pad. It’s made from durable memory foam, so it will feel just like you’re rocking your favorite supportive slippers. Keep in mind that a rug pad this thick (it’s 7/16”) may make the legs of your furniture a bit more wobbly than normal, but overall it shouldn’t be an issue.


Best Slip-Resistant Rug Pad

Gorilla Grip Slip-Resistant Rug Pad



The name says it all—your rug isn’t going anywhere with this Gorilla Grip pad on your team. If your home is filled with rambunctious kiddos or energetic pets (or both), you need a pad that will keep your rug securely in place during every wrestling match or indoor race. This pad is topped with felt and boasts an extra-thick rubber base, which helps with sound dampening and ensures it’s virtually immovable. Just a note: Because this rug pad is so durable, it’s harder to cut to size than others on the list, so do your best to buy a close fit.


Best Outdoor Rug Pad

Wayfair Basics Abarca Outdoor Non-Slip Rug Pad



Outdoor rugs deserve love too, and they can be just as slippery and bumpy as their indoor counterparts if placed on a slick deck or stone. To help keep yours in place, opt for a rug pad geared specifically to the outdoors, like this one from Wayfair Basics. Instead of a solid pad, which can trap moisture and breed mold and mildew, this netted design allows rugs to “breathe” while keeping them firmly in place.


Best Rug Pad for Carpets

Slip-Stop Magic Stop Rug Pad



Geared specifically towards rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, this barely-there rug pad from Slip-Stop is as unassuming (and functional) as it gets. Both sides of the polyester pad feature a dry acrylic adhesive coating that will grip the top and bottom rug securely without leaving behind a residue or ruining the pile. Because it’s so thin, this pad is an especially great option for rooms where clearance, like a door swing, is a consideration.


Best Rug Pad for Pets

Spill-Proof Pet-Friendly Rug Pad

Pottery Barn


Every pet parent knows life with furry friends can be a bit hectic. Not only do you have to worry about their 5 p.m. zoomies upturning every rug in your home, but there’s also the risk of a dreaded accident. The good news? This rug pad from Pottery Barn protects against both possibilities, with a recycled fabric top and rubber bottom that will keep your favorite antique find securely in place. Even better, the pad boasts a moisture-proof backing that will prevent any accidents from making their way onto your hardwood floors, and it can even be spot-washed.


Best Rug Pad Tape

Gorilla Grip Rug Gripper Pads, 8 Pack



Gorilla Grip takes the term non-slip seriously—so much so that they’ve devised a rug tape that ensures your carpet won’t budge, bunch, or so much as ripple. If you’re satisfied with how plush your rug feels underfoot but sick of it slipping every time you walk, this rug “tape” is for you. Simply apply the grippers to each corner of the rug before adhering the other side to the floor and never worry about sliding again.


Best Eco-Friendly Rug Pad

nuLOOM Brody Eco-Friendly Rug Pad



Made from 100% recycled material, this rug pad from nuLOOM is good for your floors and the environment. Clocking in at just 1/8-inch thick, this rug pad is nearly undetectable under furniture, so it won’t upset the flow or design of your space. Still, it does a great job at keeping your rug in place and can be easily trimmed to whatever size you need—there are even guidelines to ensure your cuts are straight.



Best Rug Pad at Multiple Thicknesses

RUGPADUSA Felt and Rubber Rug Pad



This Rug Pad USA design is yet another option that relies on a combination of rubber and felt to get the job done, this time with a cushioned surface that comes in a range of thickness, from 1/4-inch all the way up to 1/2-inch. The felt is firmer underfoot, so while it won’t be as plush as a memory foam option, it will still lend support that is noticeably more comfortable, especially if your chosen rug has a thin pile.

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