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How to Plan the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

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We’re all deserving of a little self-care. Life gets so busy! And whether you just finished organizing your house top-to-bottom, had a long few weeks at work, or are worn out from taking care of the kids, you’re worthy of that “me” time. Plus, there are so many mental, emotional, and physical benefits to taking time to unwind and really treat yourself to a day of stress relief. But let’s be real: How relaxing can an at-home spa day be when it’s done on a whim and you don’t have half the products you want? Or worse—you can’t even relax because there’s a ton of stuff to get done afterward? Planning your spa day in advance is half the battle, and we’re here to help you get what you need so you can really take advantage of that R&R.

The perfect at-home spa day consists of three major elements:

  1. A full-body self-care routine (we’re talking everything from a good scalp massage to a foot bath!).
  2. All the products and rituals that make you feel amazing—like using that expensive scrub you were gifted, giving yourself a pedicure, or reading a great book during your bath.
  3. A clear mind so you can truly allow yourself to unwind.

So what do you say? Ready to relax?

At-Home Spa Day Checklist

at home spa day bathroom

Step one of creating your perfect spa day is to plan ahead, so all you have to do is hop in the bathroom and enjoy. When everything is set up beforehand, the day feels that much more pleasant. So here’s what to grab ahead of time:

Our Spa Day Favorites

DIY Spa Day Tips and Tricks

One of the best parts about an at-home spa day? It’s the perfect time to try out new products you haven’t opened, get crafty with a DIY face mask or hair mask, and take time to care for yourself in ways you don’t usually get to. Use that face steamer that’s been hiding in the back of your closet, give yourself a nice foot and hand massage, or even test-drive that podcast you’ve been meaning to check out but haven’t gotten around to yet. It’s your time to do whatever makes you feel especially good.

A couple of our most-loved and cult-favorite spa day tasks include dry brushing before getting in the tub and soaking your feet in a bubbling foot bath, both of which help with circulation and detoxifying the skin. At-home lymphatic drainage massages are also all the rage right now. You can use dry brushes, gua sha (a traditional Chinese medicine practice), facial tools, or even your hands to gently manipulate the skin to remove swelling and ease tension in places like the neck, jaw, shoulders, and body. And if nothing else, the gentle massages just feel so relaxing. If you’re looking for some easy guides to get started, then these pros will be perfect to reference:

Your Spa Room

In our opinion, the state of your “spa” (or bathroom) is just as important as what you do to relax inside it. Think of what it’s like going to get a professional massage or facial. The lights are dim, there’s usually soft music or sounds playing, and there is often relaxing scents wafting through the air. When the ambiance of the room is calm and peaceful, you’ll feel more peaceful, too. So make sure to take steps to make your spa room feel soothing, too. Now that you have exactly what you need, sit back, relax, and enjoy your spa day. You’ve earned it!

Must-Have Home Spa Products

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