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Inside The Design(s): Sept. 23 HGTV Marathon

Can’t wait for tonight’s all-new Brother Vs. Brother (HGTV, 9|8ct)? Check out the designs from today’s Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon right now on HGTV.

Keep The Charm, Not The Layout (Season 1, Episode 9)

When Kate and Gavin first bought their home 10 years ago, it was just the two of them and a dog. Since then, they’ve added two kids and two more dogs to the mix.

Starter House to Dream Home (S2, E3)

Tanya and Sean are high school sweethearts whose home has hosted all their big life moments. From bringing home babies to holding annual holiday parties, their house has seen a lot of love. After 15 years, their house needed a little love of its own, and that’s where we came in. 


Suburban Vegas Upgrade (S1, E5)

Becky and Michael wanted to modernize their Las Vegas home in every way, with a focus on storage and practicality for them and their three growing sons.


Healthy Ever After (S3, E7)

Alison and Greg have lived in their Forever Home for 22 years, where they’ve raised kids, beaten cancer and celebrated with neighbors. They’re ready for a new, fresh chapter, and we were ready to help give it to them. 


Hand-me-down Forever Home (S2, E7)

Michelle and Brian’s forever home has been in their family for 20 years: 10 years with Michelle’s mom, and now 10 years with Michelle and Brian, who added twins to the happy family. 

Old Neighborhood, New House (S3, E8)

Keri and Andrew found the perfect home for their large family, with her parents around the corner and plenty of space in the house—but they needed to make it functional for their family’s future. 

Out of the Past and Into the Future (S3, E3)

Binh and Ramon have spent the past 18 years in a neighborhood they never want to leave, surrounded by trees, family and friends. They called on us to revamp their space to make life more comfortable for everyone, including their three kids.

Miracle House to Forever Home (S2, E4)

Irina and Dean’s home is a special place, and not just because they had their wedding in the backyard. Even though the house was relatively small, they thought of it as their forever home, because they were told they couldn’t have kids. 

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