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Inside The Design(s): May 20 HGTV Marathon

Enjoying the latest Property Brothers marathon? Check out some of the designs you’re watching on HGTV right now, and tune in to Property Brothers: Forever Home tonight starting at 8|7c, including a brand-new episode at 9|8c.

Mountain Chic (Season 14, Episode 1)

Shauna and Steve were determined to find a large home in a sought-after neighborhood near their family. With such a specific need, their healthy budget came in handy—because the few options available all needed a significant amount of work.

Sister, Sister (S13, E7)

Sonja found her forever home in this sunny rancher, but it needed a few structural fixes before she could truly settle in. We switched up the layout to create an open-concept living room and kitchen area where her tight-knit family—including her sister, Michelle—can gather. 

From Fault to Vault (S14, E5)

And we thought couples with different design preferences were tricky! On this week’s episode, Ryan was all for an ambitious nine-week renovation while Allison was opposed to the idea of this teal fixer-upper.

A Little Bit of Home (S13, E13)

After moving nine times in the past 15 years, Brian and Angie were craving stability for their three active kids—and for themselves, too. The home they found in their dream neighborhood was the right size but felt cramped and dated; luckily, they knew that taking on a substantial renovation would be worth it in the end. 

Party On The Hill (S14, E6)

Creating a perfect home for Keith and Thiago was no small feat—they wanted plenty of space to entertain their family and friends, a chef’s kitchen with killer new appliances, and massive windows with a view of the mountains. 

Nora & Diego (Forever Home S1, E1)

Our first-ever episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home had a little bit of everything we love—a tight-knit family, a stunning renovation, and happy surprise for us at the end.

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