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Inside The Design(s): March 25 HGTV Marathon

Liking what you see during today’s Property Brothers HGTV marathon? Check out more from some of our featured designs, and be sure to tune in for back-to-back episodes of Property Brothers: Forever Home tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET, including a brand new episode at 9 p.m. ET.

Mountain Chic (Season 14, Episode 1)

Shauna and Steve were determined to find a large home in a sought-after neighborhood near their family. With such a specific need, their healthy budget came in handy—because the few options available all needed a significant amount of work. 

Wide Open Dreams (Season 13, Episode 4)

This was an unforgettable project for us. Jennifer and David were looking for a house that’s suitable for their adorable young sons, one of whom was born with a birth defect that affects his mobility. 

Structural Opportunity (Season 13, Episode 1)

This house, which was built in the 1920s, was a challenge not just because of its “maturity.” We also needed to blend two very different design styles to keep everyone happy: Denise wanted an artsy vibe, while her husband Massimo preferred to keep things clean and simple. 


The Homesick Cure (Season 14, Episode 3)

Nathan and Natalia are ready to upgrade from their current rental situation to the home of their dreams. They saw huge potential in a single-story property with excellent curb appeal—it just needed some (okay, lots of) love on the inside. 


Family Tradition (Forever Home Season 2, Episode 1)

Amy and Dominic come from a long line of Forever Home-dwellers: their parents still live in their childhood homes, and Amy and Dominic want to give the same consistency to their two boys. Their home of five years is within walking distance to work and family members, but we wanted their house to be as comfortable as it is convenient.

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