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Inside The Design(s): Brother Vs. Brother Season 7

We’re taking our latest home flipping challenge to Los Angeles—and in the same historic neighborhood that Drew lives in!

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Episode 1: Hollywood, Here We Come!

This year has bigger houses and bigger reno budgets than ever before. Our first challenge: just three weeks to pull off living room and entryway renovations before guest judge Orlando Soria arrives to declare a winner.

Episode 2: A Tale Of Two Kitchens

With one win already under his belt, Jonathan decides to go big with his kitchen reno—really big. Drew takes the opposite approach and embraces style over size.

Episode 3: Super Bonus Spaces

Now up 2-0, Jonathan takes on creating the ultimate additional dwelling unit and office space, while Drew experiences the downside of renovating a 100-year-old house while building his bonus wellness wing. 

Episode 4: Brother Bedroom Battle

As he works to tie the score, Drew must make some hard budget decisions with his ensuite bathroom. Meanwhile, Jonathan runs into a renovation snag that could lose him the challenge.

Episode 5: The Mystery Judge

Tied 2-2 and looking to take home the individual challenge crown, Drew decides to change the game by bringing in a secret judge. Both brothers pull out all the stops to create the perfect guest bedrooms and bathrooms.

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Episode 6: The Great Outdoor Finale

Drew and Jonathan’s Los Angeles competition is almost complete, with only their outdoor spaces left to renovate. Their flipping expertise is put to the test when the houses go on the market and offers start coming in.

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