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Brother Bedroom Battle

As he works to tie the score, Drew must make some hard budget decisions with his ensuite bathroom. Meanwhile, Jonathan runs into a renovation snag that could lose him the challenge. Jasmine Roth judges the main bed and bathroom challenge, sending the winner to the famous LaBrea Tarpits for a one-of-kind prehistoric dig reward, while the loser gets a dig of their own–digging out garbage.

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wdt_ID Room Product Type product_link STYLE Product Company Product Code/Sku
1 Drew's Main Bedroom Hardwood Flooring Ubud Tan Oak 3/5" Thick x 7-1/2" Wide x 43" Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring Ubud Tan Oak 3/5" Thick x 7-1/2" Wide x 43" Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring Wayfair W001739473
2 Drew's Main Bedroom Exterior Doors and Windows Premium Series French Casement Aluminum Clad Premium Series French Casement Aluminum Clad Weathershield Jet Black
3 Drew's Main Bedroom Interior Doors 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker Trimlite 8491 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker
4 Drew's Main Bedroom Glass French Doors White Lami French Door White Lami French Door Trimlite Custom 1501
5 Drew's Main Bedroom Moulding Baseboard Baseboard Woodgrain Millwork No. 1867
6 Drew's Main Bedroom Moulding Crown Crown Woodgrain Millwork No. 260
7 Drew's Main Bedroom Door Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges Emtek 96514
8 Drew's Main Bedroom Door Knobs Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Door Knob Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Door Knob Emtek Modern Rectangular Rosette: 5112, 5212, 5052
9 Drew's Main Bedroom Window Coverings - Master Hall Flat Roman Shades Flat Roman Shades Smith and Noble Carlsbad Natural: 16690; Trim Luxe Pumice: 17038; Cord: 22146571
10 Drew's Main Bedroom Window Coverings Roller Shades Roller Shades Smith and Noble Zion Dust: 19073; Cordless: 22146571

Drew’s Corner Chateau

Coming off a big win last week, I was ready to even the score by building a new main bedroom/bathroom suite on my addition. With second-floor views and my secret luxury amenities, I’m going to take this competition to a whole new level.

Drew’s Before & After

Drew’s Design Highlights

I don’t have many rules in design, but I do have this one: if you can put in a secret bookcase, you definitely have to. It’s useful for storage, it adds a unique element for buyers … and come on, who doesn’t love a secret bookcase?!


But hey, why stop there with the surprise reveals, when you can have a TV pop up at the foot of your bed? Aside from the cool factor, storing the TV helps keep the design clean and the vibe relaxed.


Honestly, I may have outdone myself with the reveals in this room. I’ve seen this barn-door/passthrough window feature in high-end hotels, which is exactly the feel I want for this main bedroom suite. It makes both rooms feel bigger and keeps clean lines throughout the space.

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Team Drew

Art Director: Breeze Giannasio
Construction Lead: Hart Hempelmann, Paragon Fine Remodeling
Stylist: Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Jonathan’s House Next Door

I can’t believe I let Drew back in the competition with last week’s loss. It’s time to go big by using our addition space to my advantage, with a massive main bedroom and bathroom, and a walk-in closet to boot (for boots?).

Jonathan’s Before & After

Jonathan’s Design Highlights

I’ve had success before in this competition by raising the roof—well, technically, the ceilings–so I’m doing it again here. These beams tie into the design of the kitchen and other areas of the house, but they’re even more impressive here, running the width of the room in these beautiful vaulted ceilings.


Modern Spanish flair has been the name of the game in this house, and I’m bringing it into the main bathroom with more stunning tile and the statement piece: a clawfoot tub. Plus, placing the tub right under the windows will literally bathe our buyer in natural light. (I love it when great puns and great design come together.)


I’m betting our potential buyers and our judge, Jasmine Roth, will want to see lots of storage in our main bathroom. I’m delivering with additional cabinet space right outside the beautiful shower, too, for those times you forget your towel. It’s the little things (in big spaces) that are going to win me this challenge.

More Inspiration

Team Jonathan

Art Director: Jolene Kraus, Park Studio L.A.
Construction Lead: Donnie Biggs
Stylist: Erik Kenneth Staalberg

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