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The Mystery Judge

Tied 2-2 and looking to take home the individual challenge crown, Drew decides to change the game by bringing in a secret judge. Both brothers pull out all the stops to create the perfect guest bedrooms and bathrooms in the quest for the most Hollywood reward of all—a stuntman experience right out of the movies.

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wdt_ID Room Product Type product_link STYLE Product Company Product Code/Sku
1 Drew's Main Home Exterior Doors and Windows Premium Series French Casement Premium Series French Casement Weathershield Aluminum Clad - Jet Black
2 Drew's Main Home Hardwood Flooring Ubud Tan Oak 3/5" Thick x 7-1/2" Wide x 43" Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring Ubud Tan Oak 3/5" Thick x 7-1/2" Wide x 43" Length Engineered Hardwood Flooring Wayfair W001739473
3 Drew's Main Home Interior Doors 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker Trimlite 8491 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker
4 Drew's Main Home Glass French Doors White Lami French Door White Lami French Door Trimlite Custom 1501
5 Drew's Main Home Moulding Baseboard Baseboard Woodgrain Millwork No. 1867
6 Drew's Main Home Moulding Crown Crown Woodgrain Millwork No. 260
7 Drew's Main Home Door Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges Emtek 96514
8 Drew's Main Home Door Knobs Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Door Knob Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Door Knob Emtek Modern Rectangular Rosette: 5112, 5212, 5052
9 Drew's Main Home Wallpaper & Installation Wallpaper Install Wallpaper Install Katie's Wallpaper N/A
10 Drew's Main Home Recessed Can Lighting RA4 LED 4-inch Gimbals RA4 LED 4-inch Gimbals HALO Narrow & Very Wide Flood

Drew’s Corner Chateau

Jonathan definitely will be gunning for a comeback, which I obviously can’t let happen! My guest bedrooms are going to be kid-ready for the families that will want to make this house their dream home.

Drew’s Before & After

Drew’s Design Highlights

My corner chateau has been all about good vibes and relaxation, and there’s no reason to stop now with this guest bedroom. By staying consistent with our neutral color story throughout the home, buyers will understand how all the rooms fit together—and they’ll be ready to sign on the dotted line.


My biggest bedroom in this challenge is going to the littlest residents, because a kids’ bedroom is also a kids’ playroom! I incorporated more color here and in the adjacent bathroom, with a relaxed, welcoming design that allows kids to interact with the furniture.


I wasn’t going to let Jonathan get all the credit for creative ceilings. I installed a barrel ceiling of my own in the hallway, then took it up a notch with restored ironwork on the staircase and a hand-painted mural that stretched the length of the hallway and up into the ceiling.

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Team Drew

Art Director: Breeze Giannasio
Construction Lead: Hart Hempelmann, Paragon Fine Remodeling
Stylist: Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Jonathan’s House Next Door

After losing two challenges in a row, I wasn’t going to wait around for my luck to change: I had to go big and bold in my  guest bedrooms. My biggest challenge: making the styles of each bedroom both distinct and cohesive. Easy enough, right? Right?

Jonathan’s Before & After

Jonathan’s Design Highlights

When I said I was going bold, I meant it: the guest bedroom had to feel like its own oasis, as though someone had walked into a different world. For me, that world was full of blues, greens and golds, with original artwork from my friend Anna Ullman that will ensure this room is one-of-a-kind.


I went really big with prints in two of my three bedrooms, so I went for a more neutral palette with cleaner sightlines in this bedroom. Notice how all the furniture is on the same scale: a little bit lower to the floor, but comfortable, with tasteful stripes throughout the accessories.


We’re back to bold in the guest bathroom! This emerald green tile runs from the sink to the shower and holds its own with our print-heavy guest bedrooms and our dramatic powder room. This high-end feel is exactly what potential buyers in this neighborhood will be looking for in every room, and this bathroom will not disappoint.

More Inspiration

Team Jonathan

Art Director: Jolene Kraus, Park Studio L.A.
Construction Lead: Donnie Biggs
Stylist: Erik Kenneth Staalberg

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