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Inside The Design(s): April 1 HGTV Marathon

Digging into the latest Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon? Check out more about the designs you’re watching on HGTV right now, and tune in for a brand new Forever Home episode at 9 p.m. ET.

Raise the Kids, Ignore the House (Season 1, Episode 11)

Vanessa and Michael have spent the past 16 years raising their two sons in the same home, in the same Toronto neighborhood where Vanessa grew up. Grandma is down the street, the boys are now teenagers—but while this family has changed, the house hasn’t.


Family Tradition (S2, E1)

Amy and Dominic come from a long line of Forever Home-dwellers: their parents still live in their childhood homes, and Amy and Dominic want to give the same consistency to their two boys. Their home of five years is within walking distance to work and family members, but we wanted their house to be as comfortable as it is convenient.

Las Vegas Classic (S1, E6)

After renovating a string of cookie-cutter-style homes in order to give them more personality, we had a completely different assignment for this vintage Las Vegas home: preserve its quirkiness.


Suburban Vegas Upgrade (S1, E5)

Becky and Michael wanted to modernize their Las Vegas home in every way, with a focus on storage and practicality for them and their three growing sons.

House Proud (S1, E12)

Michelle and Chris are high-school sweethearts who grew up in the same neighborhood where they’ve also raised their two teenage daughters. After 12 years in their house, they’re ready to get rid of their hand-me-down furniture and dated layout in order to create a home that everyone can be proud of. 

Miracle House to Forever Home (S2, E4)

Irina and Dean’s home is a special place, and not just because they had their wedding in the backyard. Even though the house was relatively small, they thought of it as their forever home, because they were told they couldn’t have kids. That’s when the miracle happened.

Starter House to Dream Home (S2, E3)

Tanya and Sean are high school sweethearts whose home has hosted all their big life moments. From bringing home babies to holding annual holiday parties, their house has seen a lot of love. After 15 years, their house needed a little love of its own, and that’s where we came in. 

Dream Home in the Vegas Suburbs (S1, E2)

With three kids, three dogs, and a towering five-bedroom home, Troy and Susan have a lot going on—and a lot going wrong, design-wise. They tasked us with a renovation focusing on the main floor, which includes the kitchen, family room, mudroom, and play area. 

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