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See Drew’s Jaw-Dropping Makeover in Simu Liu’s Home

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This makeover is more than Ken-nough!

Drew and his friend Simu Liu had a little friendly competition awhile back, where the stakes claimed that if Simu won, Drew would have to design a space in Simu Liu’s home. (See them go head-to-head here.) Even through Drew took home the trophy, he still decided to help the Barbie star out and make over a back room in Simu and his girlfriend Allison’s house that “served no purpose” into an area that’s filled with function.

Before, Simu said the room was essentially a dumping ground for drying racks, extra furniture, and even a Christmas tree. But his dream vision was a warm, welcoming vibe with thoughtful touches that would allow it to serve multiple purposes, whether that’s to work, lounge, or even as a guest room. Simu wanted to display his guitar collection somehow as well, which was a nice personal touch since Allison is in the music industry. So, Drew got to work!

Drew created a laid-back, modern space complete with everything Simu wanted. Now, there are cozy chairs, a desk, a genius Murphy bed that acts as a bookshelf when not in use, custom art from Katrina Da Silva, and a statement wall to show off their instruments. Plus, he layered in tech-y upgrades where they can lower the blinds or turn on the lights with the touch of a button.

To check out the full journey, watch the video above. If you’re looking for more makeover inspiration, Drew and Jonathan’s new show Backed by the Bros just premiered and it’s chock-full of awesome ideas. We’ve also compiled some of our best-ever photos of colorful kitchens, stunning bedroom decor schemes, and more.

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