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5 Things to Know About Our New Series, Forever Home

One thing that’s not changing: our brotherly banter.

Surprise! We’ve been working on a twist to the Property Brothers show you know and love. Debuting this May, Forever Home follows us as we turn uninspiring houses into lifelong dream homes. The homeowners we work with aren’t looking to buy or sell—they’re already settled in and need our help creating a place where they can put down their roots for years, and even generations, to come. As we count down to the Forever Home premiere on May 29 at 9PM ET/PT, here are five things we can reveal about this exciting addition to the Property Brothers family.

1. The homeowners have already found “The One.”

This show isn’t about hunting for a new house or flipping a property for a profit. Because the homeowners are happy with the bones and location of their current digs, they’ll be using their entire budget to unlock its potential. That means Forever Home removes the real estate component and allows us to focus on a completely custom renovation for a special family. 

2. Drew will be getting his hands dirtier.

If there’s no real estate element, what will Drew be up to? First, he’ll take the homeowners on a tour of nearby homes to learn which kinds of features they love and which ones they can live without. And when it comes time to demo and reno, both of us are involved. While Jonathan is still in charge as the general contractor, Drew will be flexing his construction and design muscles even more than usual. (Think Brother vs. Brother episodes, minus the friendly competition—we’re all working toward the same goal here!) Also be on the lookout for cameos from our local team members and some crafty appearances by Linda.

3. We give the homeowners two choices.

After the house tour with Drew, the real fun begins. With the homeowners’ budget, must-haves, and design goals in mind, we create two versions of their dream home using the amazing 3D graphics that you see in our other shows. We present both renderings to the homeowners, who must choose wisely: Once they give us their final answer, they’re not allowed back on the premises until it’s time for the reveal!   

4. The renovation focuses on the heart of the home.

We’ve renovated all kinds of spaces over the years, but nothing adds as much value as upgrading a kitchen, living room, or dining room. These high-traffic areas, which we refer to as the heart of the home, are where family and friends will gather and make lifetime memories—why wouldn’t you want them to look their best? In each episode, we’ll also tackle an auxiliary space that needs some love, like the front yard.

5. You—and we—might cry a bit.

A lot of time with our shows, the audience doesn’t get to really know the incredible homeowners we work with—there’s only so much you can pack into an episode. But with Forever Home, you’ll learn the family’s backstory, why they bought and want to stay in their home, and how they envision their future once the renovation is complete. You’ll be experiencing each reno like we do: You’ll feel more emotionally connected to the people you see on-screen and truly understand why they deserve their forever home. Grab the tissues!

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