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Lettuce Grow

The Farmstand Nook


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Product Description

Hone your green thumb this year with Lettuce Grow’s handy tower! There’s a reason why Jonathan loves the Farmstand Nook. It’s the perfect solution for growing all of your favorite flowers, greens, herbs and more, no matter the season.

One-of-a-Kind Lettuce Grow Tower

Say goodbye to worrying about planting seasons and fickle weather conditions. This indoor garden tower eliminates the need to create an outdoor garden to enjoy fresh vegetables from your own property.

The compact tower features a 9 gallon tank but easily fits into both large and small indoor spaces. Add one to your kitchen, den, or wherever else you have room to grow. The Farmstand Nook can hold as many as 20 plants.

Gardening Made Easy

There’s no need to invest in specialized equipment to keep your plants growing strong when you have the Farmstand Nook. It’s self-fertilizing and self-watering so you don’t have to remember!

Lettuce Grow’s tower offers the same benefits that come with any hydroponic system like generating higher crop yields in less time and space than traditional gardening practices. Plus, it conserves water by recycling it, and creates the perfect growing conditions for your plants from soil pH to temperature.

Let There Be Light

The Lettuce Grow tower’s lights are fully integrated, to provide the perfect light duration, height, angle, and intensity your plants need to thrive even if your home lacks sunlight. This system’s lights actually save energy by using light-emitting diode bulbs versus conventional bulbs.

Update Your Home With Drew and Jonathan

This indoor garden tower makes it simple to up the ante at any meal with fresh ingredients right at your fingertips. One of Jonathan’s top gift ideas, it’s perfect for home chefs, homeowners, or parents looking to get their kids involved in the kitchen.

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Why We Love It
  • Jonathan’s gift pick
  • Compact design fits anywhere in your home
  • Smart timer for automatic light and water cycles
  • Save money on water and produce costs
Key Features
  • 30 minute set-up with minimal maintenance
  • 90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty

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