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Drew Shares His Favorite Gardening Tools and Tips


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There are a ton of great activities to look forward to when the temps start to rise. You can set up new deck furniture so it’s ready for alfresco hosting, or you can break out the spring décor to create a light and bright space indoors. But one of the most plant-astic hobbies this time of year is getting up close and personal with Mother Nature herself.

Just ask Drew! “I love showing off my green thumb,” he says. “Linda and I really enjoy spending time in the garden. It’s sort of our Zen time.” He’s not alone because a little sun, fresh air, and pretty plants are just good for the soul. If you’re interested in joining the green team, Drew has some great tips on essential gardening tools below. And once you get started, don’t forget to share photos of your floral masterpieces on Instagram and tag @DrewandJonathan!

1. Back to Basics

“You’ll need the obvious things, like a shovel or rake and a watering bucket,” he says. “You’ll also want gardening gloves, a trowel, and gardening scissors or pruning shears.”

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2. Bright Idea  

“Beyond that, let’s get smart in the garden,” he says. “If you like to work late in the evening, it’s nice to have some pathway lights. You could also opt for solar powered lights so it’s not adding to your energy bill.” Now that’s going green!

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3. Smart Systems

Another tip? Integrate a few tech-savvy systems. “A smart soil sensor is great because it will help make sure you don’t over- or under-water your garden,” Drew explains.

Don’t forget this, either. “Irrigation is another important element, but it’s not something you have to spend too much time on if you have a smart irrigation system,” he adds. “For example, my system reads the weather, and it knows that, if it’s rained, it doesn’t water the garden at that time.”

After you get your gear, it’s time to get in gear! And if a full-blown garden still feels overwhelming, you could always start with easy-care indoor plants, too.

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