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15 Best Decorative Outdoor String Lights to Brighten Your Backyard

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There’s something about decorative outdoor string lights draped across deck furniture, a porch, a patio, a pergola, or your whole backyard that instantly make your outdoor space feel magical. Whether they’re solar powered, LED, battery operated, or another type, there are so many beautiful and stylish choices available to create a warm and welcoming environment. Outdoor string lights are one of the best ways to add ambiance, whether the aesthetic is casual or upscale, because they provide extensive coverage without being too bright or overwhelming.

When choosing the best string lights for an outdoor space, it’s smart to consider things like access to natural light for solar options, in addition to climate and the purpose of the lights. For example, if you’re throwing a lot of elevated dinner parties, you may want something softer and more decorative. But if you’re hoping for fun and function, a pick that keeps your space bright enough for summer game nights or evening reading may be better. With options ranging from classic and understated designs like Edison bulb string lights to whimsical sets featuring charming firefly shapes, there’s something to suit every outdoor aesthetic and occasion.


Brightech Ambiance Pro Solar Powered String Lights



These durable and functional solar powered string lights can be hung anywhere and will charge in direct sunlight. String them across a balcony, porch, patio or terrace. No outlet needed!


Lafollette 300” Outdoor 25 Bulb Globe String Lights



These simple bulbs add a beautiful ambiance to any outdoor aesthetic, from farmhouse to modern. They also look nice in an indoor-outdoor space like a three-season porch.


Lantern String Lights with Clear Bulbs and Star Lamp Shades



Everyone will be seeing stars when you hang up these whimsical lantern lights featuring cute star cutouts. They’ll not only cast a warm glow on your outdoor space but also create a mesmerizing star pattern on the ground or walls.


Outdoor Café String Lights



Embrace industrial style with these metal lantern lights featuring sleek lines and a rugged finish. The cage design showcases twinkling Edison bulbs that are easy to replace if one goes out.


The Twillery Co. 20.5” Outdoor LED Solar Powered Novelty String Lights



Who said outdoor string lights couldn’t be fun? This novelty set of two outdoor LED solar powered string lights comes with bulbs in white or in a mix of red, blue, and gray.


Patio Umbrella Cordless Outdoor Lighting with Remote



Add a touch of warm light to the underside of any umbrella with these easy-to-assemble string lights. They come with their own remote, a 12-month warranty, and thousands of positive reviews.


Indoor-Outdoor Window Curtain Lights



To achieve an ethereal, curtain-like effect, hang strands vertically across a large tree or multiple trees outdoors. These stunners are waterproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and available in sets of 600 or 300.


Edie 68” Outdoor Solar Powered LED Mini String Lights



String lights always look beautiful wrapped around trees, too. While on the dimmer side according to reviews, these solar powered options are weather-proof and feature both a steady and flashing setting.


Outdoor Solar Dragonfly Lights 



These dragonfly string lights will add a playful touch to your space with just the flick of a switch. This set features eight fun flash modes with patterns like waves, twinkling stars, and more.


Bistro String Light Poles and Lights



Turn the backyard into a bistro with these all-in-one string lights, which arrive complete with steel poles that feature an elegant black finish. Each set comes with two poles that can extend up to 10 feet tall.


Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights



Elevate your ambience with this set that can be customized by color and brightness, among other effects, anywhere at any time. Their software even offers an option to recognize colors that pair best with certain yard décor. Amazing!


LED Twinkle Star String Lights



This set of lights features a simpler star design that’s every bit as enchanting. They’re extendable to a maximum of 10 strands so you can light up your whole yard with celestial charm.


Addlon Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights



For those in more unpredictable climates, these commercial-grade outdoor lights offer superior durability in conditions like hot sun, intense wind, heavy rain, and snow. A dimmer switch can be purchased separately for a touch of decorative flair.


Koopower 100 LED Outdoor Battery Fairy Lights



Perfect for year-round use or the holidays, these affordable battery-powered LED lights provide a gentle outdoor glow and can be switched off and on at the touch of a button. A set-and-forget timing function provides easy control with eight different blinking modes.


Outdoor String Lights with Remote



Illuminate your space with the simple beauty of Edison bulbs. Featuring a classic, understated design, these string lights will effortlessly add warmth and character to any setting.

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