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Tips and Tricks to Conquer the Foosball Table

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Foosball: the game you want to believe you could play casually, yet get sucked into immediately and completely. It seems easy enough, and then you find your left hand can’t talk to your right, and pretty soon you’re flailing as your brother blasts in another goal from the other side of the table. (Not that this refers to any particular brother.)

But fear not: we have a few tricks up our sleeves that can help you improve your game, call out your opponent on technicalities only you know about, and achieve the only thing that matters: sweet, sweet victory. 

Winning Before You Start 

Did you know that there are official tabletop foosball tournaments—and more importantly, official tabletop foosball tournament rules? The official USTSA Rules of Play ban certain practices that are likely to come up when you’re just fooling around.  

For example, the rods are never supposed to be spun more than 360 degrees. So that (again, purely hypothetical) brother of yours who loves to spin the rods 100 times on every kick is technically breaking the rules. (And, as we know, being technically correct is the best kind of correct.)

So, when you innocently ask, “Hey, playing by USTA rules, right?” and your unsuspecting opponent casually agrees, you’re in business. With any luck, they’ll get so frustrated that by the fifth time a goal is disallowed, you’ll fully be in their head. Foosball is not just a table game: it’s a mind game. 

Relax! It’s Just A Game 

Beginners tend to stand parallel to the table and grip the handles tightly; however, both habits are more likely to slow you down. Keeping a relaxed hold and opening your stance will help you be able to react faster to your opponent and generate more power. Also, you can put just as much power in a shot if you focus on wrist control and the speed of your shots. 

Ready, Aim, Forward! 

Your forward players are your best line of offense, so keep them angled towards the opponent. This will make it easier for you to catch and hold the ball. If they are positioned too straight, then it is likely the ball will bounce off instead and into their, uh, feet? Foot? Monopod? 

Eyes on the Goal 

The basics of the game can be boiled down to balancing between defending your own goal and scoring against your opponent. If you can multi-task and accomplish both at the same time, then you’ll be a much more difficult competitor. You can practice this by making sure you keep one hand on your goalie’s handle at all times

Now you’re ready to invite unsuspecting friends and loved ones into your trap … we mean, your very own foosball tournament. And for the best foosball table for your competition, check out a great deal on our Drew and Jonathan Foosball Table at Macy’s. 

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