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How to Host a Camping-Themed Party in Your Living Room

You don’t have to go outside to have an adventure! Event stylist Trish Healy, founder of WonderTent Parties in Los Angeles, tells you how to pitch a camping-themed party indoors.

cozy tent in living room with string lights


Camping is all about communing with nature. To get that vibe inside, go a little wild with the decorations. “Sprinkle some large leaves around any serving areas, and bundle fairy lights inside Mason jars,” says Trish Healy. “When you turn off the lights, it looks like you’ve captured a flurry of fireflies.” Create a cozy camp circle with blankets and oversize pillows. “Pick up a few faux-sheepskin rugs in earthy tones, and accent the area with lanterns,” says Healy. Pull it all together with a playlist of nature sounds, or keep an acoustic guitar handy for campfire sing-alongs. Oh, and remind guests of the dress code: something along the lines of “anything flannel.”


The food should be super casual—and really fun. “Get in the mood with a make-your-own-trail-mix station,” says Healy. Set out a mix-and-match spread of nuts, dried fruits, candies, popcorn, and pretzels. “Give each guest a jar to create their own blend,” she says. Along with burgers and hot dogs, you can do a similar make-your-own station for baked potatoes: Give guests a wealth of topping options, from chives and cheddar to butter and peppers. For dessert, it’s gotta be s’mores. Arrange all the elements on cutting boards: rows of graham crackers and piles of big marshmallows with an array of chocolate bars and spreads like Nutella, cookie butter, and jams.

Fun + Games

“For kids, a good scavenger hunt will keep them entertained,” says Healy. “Have them scour the backyard to find specially marked leaves and pine cones, hidden stuffed animals, insects, and flowers.” For adults, drinking games, like Most Likely To…, are crowd-pleasers, says Healy, as are board games like Act One and Telestrations After Dark.


By Christina Izzo | Photo courtesy of LightFieldStudios/Getty

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of Reveal, Drew & Jonathan’s lifestyle magazine.

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