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Add a Shuffleboard Table to Your Game Room

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If you’re looking to add some fun to your game room, then table shuffleboard is an activity that all ages will enjoy. If you need a refresher on how to play, then stick around, and we’ll explain.

Shuffleboard Rules!

To play table shuffleboard, you need two sets of pucks, two table brushes, and the shuffleboard table itself. While some elements can be purchased separately, if you want the full package, the Drew and Jonathan Shuffleboard Table comes with all those items already included.

Two players stand together on one side of the table, taking turns trying to hit their pucks towards the other end. Different zones of each end are marked with numbers, so depending on where your puck lands, you can gain a corresponding number of points.

Shuffleboard Scoring; Anything But Boring

However, you might not keep those points for the entire game. If another puck, whether it’s an opponent’s or your own, hits it out of the zone, then you lose the points you would have otherwise gained.

While the game is simple to play, each round becomes a new and dynamic game depending on who your opponent is. With each shot, you not only have to consider how to score your points, but also whether it would be more advantageous to target and sabotage your opponent instead.

Game Table Glory

Whether you prefer a chill and relaxed time or to duke it out in competition until there is only one champion, this game table can provide fun for the whole family. Check out the Drew and Jonathan Shuffleboard Table and other game tables at Macy’s.

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