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The Best Children’s Books We Haven’t Outgrown

Young Drew and Jonathan read a picture book together

Reading buddies for life.

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When we were writing our first-ever children’s book, Builder Brothers: Big Plans and its sequel, Builder Brothers: Better Together, we thought about the stories we read (and re-read) when we were growing up as well as the ones we were inspired by later in life. As fathers ourselves, and big kids at heart, we know how special those sweet moments with your children and a good book are.

There are so many amazing children’s books and picture books out there, but we’ve compiled a list of titles that we think are the best for all ages. Whether it’s a classic kids’ story like Peter Rabbit or a fun choose-your-own-adventure book, these will have the little ones saying, “Again, again!” And don’t be surprised if you find yourself agreeing…even if it’s long after bedtime.

7 of the Best Children’s Books


Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes



Pete is famous at our house! There are over 60 books in the series, but Parker loves this one—it’s interactive, colorful, and comes with a groovy song. Oh, let’s just say it… Pete is meow-velous. —Drew


The Tale of Peter Rabbit



Long before I fell in love with my pup, I adored a fictional rabbit named Peter. He was a rascally little guy who, the way I saw it, got in trouble for simply liking food a little too much. He was misunderstood. —Jonathan


The Invisible String



This book demonstrates how important it is to stay connected to the people you love—the “invisible string” is tied to the hearts of people who care about each other, and it never breaks. It really hits home for us because in the story, a mother is explaining this idea to her young twins. —Drew


Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site



This book wasn’t around when we were kids, but if it had been, we would have read it every single night before bed. There’s now an entire Construction Site series for little ones who love machinery. —Jonathan


Oh, the Places You’ll Go!



This list wouldn’t be complete without the book at the heart of my relationship with Linda. My wedding proposal involved a four-tier cake that was modeled after the rainbow-colored mountain on the book cover. At the tippy-top, the little Dr. Seuss character was holding the ring! —Drew


The Very Hungry Caterpillar



The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an all-time classic because it packs so much learning into a simple story. By the time you reach the last page, you’ve devoured lessons on numbers, colors, the days of the week, basic nutrition—and, of course, the entire process of metamorphosis. —Jonathan


Choose Your Own Adventure 4-Book Boxed Set



No book series better represents our lives than Choose Your Own Adventure. We’ve craved adventure since we were kids and have always been up for an unpredictable challenge—although these days you’ll find us gutting kitchens rather than fighting off imaginary creatures. —Drew and Jonathan

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