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Builder Brothers: Better Together Is Here!

Builder Brothers: Better Together, the second book in our ‘Builder Brothers’ series for children, is now available at your favorite place to buy books!

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We’re so excited to share young Drew and Jonathan’s latest Builder Brothers adventure with all of you. This time, the brothers’ town sponsors a soapbox derby race, and of course, Drew and Jonathan are the first in line to enter. But when the rubber hits the road and the brothers just can’t agree on how to build the best car, they wind up competing against each other! Can one of them win without the other? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Readers can get in on the soapbox derby action by following the do-it-yourself plans to build an original, miniature race car included at the end of Better Together.

Click the button below to find out where to purchase Builder Brothers: Better Together, and to download exclusive ‘Builder Brothers’ activities to do at home.

Builder Brothers Better Together Book

Builder Brothers: Better Together

Builder Brothers Better Together Book
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If you already have a copy of the book at home, make sure to share photos of your race car projects and pics of your family reading together on social media with the hashtag #BuilderBrothers

“Whether you want to have fun or get the job done, everything is better when you work together!”

Drew and Jonathan Scott
We had so much meeting all the little builders out there on our Better Together tour!

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