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How to Build a Pet Nook for Your Furry Friend

Dog caves, puppy palaces, pet nooks—whatever you want to call them, these built-in mini rooms have become a signature of designer Jasmine Roth (HGTV’s Hidden Potential). This clever cubby in her own home carves unused space under the stairs into a cozy hangout where her fur babies can curl up and chill.

dog in nook under stairway with number labels

“Whenever I see ‘dead space’ in a home I’m designing, I think about how the homeowners might be able to use it,” says Jasmine. “Usually it’s the dogs that my heart goes out to, but I don’t discriminate against cats, storage, kids, or office space!”

1. A local general contractor, carpenter, or handyman can help ensure your nook is structurally sound—especially if you’re working with a load-bearing wall.

2. Have some fun with the walls! Jasmine likes using playful wallpaper, vintage mini mirrors, and framed photos of the pup’s friends to add personality to the small space.

3. Make sure your pup is as comfortable as Tiger the Chihuahua is here by lining the floor with a custom cushion or dog bed. For extra coziness, add a faux fur blanket.

“Pups need a space to call their own, too! Just like humans, they enjoy a cozy home away from home where they can relax and savor some alone time whenever they want to.”


By Hannah Baker | Photograph by Michael Radford

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