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The Most Paw-some Pet Hacks to Keep Your Space Organized

Property Brothers Forever Home

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Designing a forever home means layering in stylish and functional elements that improve your family’s lives… and that includes the furry members, too! Pets make every day brighter because everything they do is cute. So why not outfit your house with special surprises for them, whether it’s a plush dog bed, a cat palace, or another nod to their favorite hobbies. Alternatively, you may be looking for ways to streamline things that drive you nuts, like seeing the food bowls scattered on the kitchen floor every day (or having to pick up after their hair, ugh). These pet hacks are just what you need to get inspired!

Any pet parent will delight in these decorating ideas made just for our pet BFFs. There are sleek built-ins, wall-mount play palaces, and even ideas for cutting down the clutter overall. Keep scrolling for some paw-some inspiration, and let us know at @DrewandJonathan what your favorite thing about owning a pet is! And if you’re in the market to upgrade their gear, too, then you may want to shop some cute collars.


On Island Time

How cute is this built-in pet food station that Drew and Jonathan designed for Emma Roberts’ Aunt Moo? The pot filler also means you’ll never have to make the long journey from the floor to the sink for water refills, either. As a bonus, the white oak hardwood that runs throughout the kitchen is extra durable, so it can handle the pitter patter of little paws.


Fit for Royalty

cat play palace

Henrick Nero

Everyone knows cats reign supreme! That’s why they deserve their own cat palace like this. It’s got multiple levels that include scratching posts, tunnels, and flat spots to lounge.


Belly Up to the Bench

bench with built-in dog bowls

Daniel Kanter

Mudroom meets mutt room in this clever idea! This bench does double-duty as a place to hold pet bowls, food, and to sit if you need to put your boots on. It keeps the dog clutter out of view from the main house, leading to cleaner sightlines (and floors!) in the kitchen.


Climb Time

cats playing on floating shelves


Floating shelves are usually reserved for added decor or storage, but not in this house! Here, a mix of shelves and crates come together to create the ultimate kitty party zone. Add in a fake mouse and a fluffy bed, and you’ve got a purrfect setup.


Creative Crate

built-in dog bed

Sarah Gibson

Dog crates can be pretty unsightly. Consider sacrificing a built-in for your pet, instead! It’s a win because it doesn’t take up additional space; no one will even notice it’s there when the doors are closed; and your furry BFF will look so dang cute inside. What’s not to love?


Pup Nook

Every pet needs a special bed, and puppy Lucca was lucky enough to receive this sleek one from Drew and Jonathan. If you’re considering this look at home, try choosing a bed pattern or print that blends with your decor and don’t forget to complete it with a toy or two. Your good boy or girl deserves it!

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