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10 Best Storage Ottomans to Shop Now

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After a long day, there’s nothing better than kicking up your feet and relaxing. Hey, you’ve had a busy week and deserve a break! But those same responsibilities can make keeping your home decluttered and organized all the more difficult. And if your house is a mess… how can you get any relaxation done? A simple dream can turn into a big issue, especially if you don’t even have a good spot to kick up your feet in the first place.

The best storage ottomans are a smart solution that can solve all the problems listed above in one fell swoop. Here at DrewandJonathan.com, we’re all about taking advantage of smart storage ideas, so we scoured the internet to find high-rated ottomans that match a variety of different styles and needs. Regardless of your personal preferences, we want to help you discover the piece that will make both cleaning up and chilling out much easier.


Paymar Upholstered Storage Ottoman



Round ottomans are a popular option because they can give you an extra place to set down a book or cup without taking up as much space as other types. Soft and velvety with rustic legs, this piece is hard to beat when it comes to timeless charm.


Lucrezia Leather Storage Ottoman



This classic design will fit almost any space and the leather offers a rich finish. Plus its wide, sturdy base allows you to throw in blankets, pillows, and more!


Apicizon Small Storage Ottoman



Of course, as great as leather looks, not all of us have the time and energy needed to maintain it. This piece offers the same elevated appeal as most leather items while being compact and easy to clean.


Wolfeboro Upholstered Storage Ottoman



Over 1,500 shoppers gave 5 stars to this velvet upholstery option. It’s easy to see why, with its range of colors and sleek design (which looks way more expensive than it is).


Jamil Upholstered Storage Ottoman



Look, we all like having more places to tuck away our clutter, but what if we have…a lot of clutter? For maximum storage abilities, check out this piece. Once everything is tucked away, its wide base can double as a coffee table.


Home 2 Office Cow Ottoman



Anyone with kids knows they need plenty of storage. This piece is not only useful, but its cute and playful appearance will fit right in with the rest of their toys.


Lyon Upholstered Storage Ottoman


Storage is important, but so is personality! The floral design here is light and playful, adding a touch of charm to any space without overwhelming it. One reviewer claims it looks even better in person, too.


Homepop Upholstered Velvet Tufted Ottoman



Tufted furniture is great at providing texture and dimension. The buttoned pattern across the top may be a small detail, but the added flourish makes the piece pop.


Linmagco Storage Ottoman



However, if you are looking for a statement storage option, you can go bold and big with this. The flowing gold pattern is a one-of-a-kind feature that will catch the attention of any guest.