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December, 2022 | D&J Editors

Property Brothers: Forever Home – Season 7, Episode 4

The Next Multigeneration: Nick & Nina

With newborn twins and a small condo, Nick and Nina were bursting at the seams. They decided to move into Nina’s spacious childhood home with Nina’s mom, Chiqui.

Drew and Jonathan with Forever Home family

Even though Nina and Chiqui had their own great memories of the house, it was time to revamp it for multigenerational living. So we totally transformed the main living areas to create open sightlines, better functionality, and plenty of wall space for Nick and Nina’s art collection.

Before & After

Fletcher 60" Bathroom Vanity
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photos of renovated areas of the house

Design Highlights

Living room with neutral furniture

Professional Arrangements

Nina needed an office space where she could also keep an eye on her two young twins. We put up a glass partition wall in the living room so Nina can have both the privacy to focus on work and the sightlines to watch the kids. 

White kitchen with large windows

Better Flow

The kitchen and dining room were awkwardly arranged so we decided early on that we wanted to flip their locations. Once the kitchen was in a more central spot, we were able to expand the cabinets and install a big, beautiful island.

Blue wall in living room with wall art

Art for All

While everyone was on board with opening things up, we still needed places to showcase prized family heirlooms, like Nick and Nina’s art collection and Chiqui’s knickknacks and chairs her parents brought over when they moved from the Philippines. We added floating shelves and gorgeous sliding doors that help illuminate each family member’s cherished possessions.   

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