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How to Feel at Home in Your Home Office

In light of more and more people working from home it’s no surprise that a home office is at the top of homebuyers’ minds. But being productive at home means more than moving the laptop from the kitchen table. Here are a few tips we suggest focusing on when putting together your home office.

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Keep a Clean, Dedicated Space

Because the home office might also be a classroom (or a playroom, or even a laundry room!), you’ll want to provide yourself with a clean, dedicated workspace that helps you focus without feeling cut off from the rest of the world. Wallpaper can help with a small change, like an accent wall or a new desk look, to get you in the right mindset. Just like in your real office, make the space yours – because it is!  

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Make Your Office Lighting Inviting

There’s no substitute for natural lighting, but you can’t count on a sunny day every day to keep your mood bright. Placing your workstation near a window can help both with productivity and positivity; it’s the same reason we put kitchen sinks near windows, too. But on a rainy day—or if you’re burning the midnight oil—flexible lighting helps. And because your home office might also be serving dual purposes, we recommend a mix of floor and desk office lighting that easily move with your needs. 

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Don’t Ignore Your Floor Decor

Thanks to dress shoes and boring carpets, you probably never had to think about your office floors. But now that you’re at home, you can let those puppies breathe! Placing a high-quality rug in a home office will both project a purpose for the space and feel soft between your toes (or under your loafers, if you need to really feel like you’re in an office). 

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Gorgeous Office Storage

In a recent article on home office organization from Drew + Jonathan Reveal magazine, Simply Spaced author Monica Leed suggests using consistent storage products to reduce visual clutter and increase productivity. When you finish the day, finish for real: store files and items away out of sight, so you’ll be less tempted to go back to them. (And more likely to find them tomorrow).

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