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Pinterest Shared Their 2024 Trend Report and It’s All About Color, Jazz, and Cafécore

pinterest predicts trends 2024

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It’s 2024, and we’ve got a lot to unpack in the world of home trend predictions. Each year, our friends over at Pinterest put together the Pinterest Predicts breakout trends. They call it a “not-yet-trending report” that utilizes 482 million users’ search data to predict emerging fads for the coming year. “It’s your guide to what people will shop, try, and buy next,” according to the platform. Based on stats, predictive methodology, pattern identification, and grading reports, trend forecasters work to analyze search patterns and curate those findings into niche subject categories. Which means the Pinterest Predicts 2024 report is largely based on searches that you’ve probably made yourself!

For the past four years, Pinterest has maintained an 80% accuracy in their trend reports. This year, burger quesadillas, retro weddings, colorful kitchens, and jellyfish lamps are all fair game. We might even see underwater gardening get its spotlight! The Pinterest report predicted 23 trends in fashion, home decor, travel, parenting, and more for 2024, and we picked our seven favorites to share. Some of them completely surprised us! What do you think?

1. Kitsch-ens

Farewell boring, all-white kitchens and hellooo, pops of color! Gen Xers and Boomers are predicted to start cooking up color and eclecticism in the kitchen this year. Stripes and playful pattern, vintage appliances, thrifted kitschy decor, and unexpected retro colors will be all the rage in 2024. Minimalism is on its way out as folks start embracing new ways to get creative in the heart of the home.

Rising Kitschy Kitchen Pinterest searches include: “Eclectic kitchen decor” +50%; “Kitschy kitchen” +75%; “Green kitchen paint” +55%; “Eccentric kitchen” +160%; and “Retro pink kitchens” +40%.

2. Western Gothic

pinterest predicts trends 2024

Americana style will meet its moody counterpart in a rodeo-style mixing of texture, deep hues, and leather fabrics. This style is all about taking vintage furnishings and marrying it with natural materials. Consider: faux furs, denim pillows, dark paints, fringe, and cowhide (of course). We can see this working well in the living room or even the office.

Rising Western Gothic Pinterest searches include: “Western bedding ideas” +310%; “Vintage americana” +145%; “Country room ideas” +125%; “Western mirror” +125%; and “Western gothic” +145%.

3. Cafécore

In: Perfecting your at-home latte art. Out: Spending $8 a day on a cup of coffee. Bar carts will soon be replaced with coffee stations filled with Chemex pour over carafes, espresso beans, and hand-painted mugs. Give a warm welcome to chalkboard signs, bistro-inspired carts, and a sweet coffee bean aroma filling up your kitchen.

Rising Cafécore Pinterest searches include: “Coffee bar styling” +1,125%; “Chalk sign ideas” +100%; “Cafe chalkboard” +50%; “Coffee station decor” +145%; and “Kafe aesthetic” +820%.

4. Jazz Revival

property brothers forever home pbfh jazz revival pinterest predicts trends 2024

Easily one of our favorites on this list, the Jazz Revival is being re-embraced. Pinterest is predicting Millennials and Gen Zers to take it back to the Jazz Age, trading the electronic for snazzy, vintage vibes. Prepare to see moody outfits, dim lighting, and piano jazz-inspired living rooms. We’re expecting a comeback in record players, analog living, and of course, velvet.

Rising Jazz Revival Pinterest searches include: “Jazz aesthetic clothing” +180%; “Jazz bar outfit” +75%; “Jazz funk” +75%; “Piano jazz” +105%; and “Jazz club outfit” +65%.

5. Rest Stops

We’ll be taking R&R to a new level this year. Staycations, slow living, and relaxing getaways are on the agenda for 2024. We’re embracing staying in this year, and definitely more breakfasts in bed. But if you’re looking to take the aforementioned relaxing getaway anytime soon, make sure to check out our favorite Airbnb treehouses and Airbnb tiny houses you can rent.

Rising Rest Stop Pinterest searches include: “Staycation hotel” +70%; “Solo traveling” +145%; “Slow life” +60%; “Digital detox challenge” +80%; and “ASMR sleep” +165%.

6. Head-to-Glow

At-home spa days and a new approach to skincare (it’s not just for your face!) will be all over your feed this year. Pinterest predicts a rise in body care, luxury lotions, and sunscreens. Bathrooms will turn into oases while we invest more innovative self-care products. Cozy essentials like plush towels and scented candles will thrive.

Rising Head-to-Glow Pinterest searches include: “Sunscreen” +75%; “Body lotion aesthetic” +245%; “Spa aesthetic” +60%; “Body skin care routine” +1,025%; and “Bodycare” +845%.

7. Hot Metals

pinterest predicts trends 2024

Life in chroma, welcome in. Bulbous, oddly-shaped, and interesting chromatic decor finds are slowly making their way into our spaces and inspiring new, creative ways to decorate. Gen Zers and Millennials will be at the forefront of this trend, normalizing cool metals in everyday items like mugs, lamps, and even floors.

Rising Hot Metals Pinterest searches include: “Nail art metallic” +295%; “Aluminum furniture” +45%; “Silver necklaces layered” +50%; “Aluminum door design” +70%; and “Metal corset” +35%.

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