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10 of the Coziest Things You Can Find Right Now

Coziest Shopping Ideas

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Looking for the secret recipe to turn your home into the perfect cozy space? We got you covered with all the snug and homey pieces that’ll totally transform your place into a dreamy little den. What’s on our list of cozy shopping ideas right now? Whether it’s a comfortable chair to sink into, a pair of sweatpants that we never want to take off,  or our favorite candle—these products are our must-haves for snuggle season.

To give your space the feel of a grown-up version of a pillow fort, there are some products that are just necessities to bring it to life. And ultimately, it’s all about what makes you feel warm inside! Adding these little touches can really boost the snug factor, and make your space feel inviting, fuzzy, and perfectly plush.


Arijit Boucle Upholstered Swivel Armchair



Boucle is a fabulous fabric option for those who like their homes to feel welcoming and lived-in. And how adorable is this swivel chair? You can place it in a reading nook, the corner of the bedroom, or a main living space. Soft edges on furniture are also a great feature to look for to round out the room and create dimension. 


Scott Living Meyerson Freestanding Console Electric Fireplace

Home Depot


Our Scott Living electric fireplace brings that warm and toasty feeling of a traditional fireplace, but you can also use it for additional storage or set it up as a TV console. There’s a reason so many holiday jingles talk about fireplaces…they’re essential to a cozy home.


UGG Whistler Throw Blanket



Seriously, what’s a cozy space without the perfect blanket? This is one of the best throw blankets and is bound to make your cozy movie nights even better. It’s 50 x 70 inches large and absolutely fantastic for a duo’s night in.


Scott Living Buckley Medium Table Lamp



The right lighting can either make or break the ambiance. A table lamp with a soft fabric shade like this can soften a bulb’s glow while also evoking feelings of comfort, ease, and relaxation. Its modern base also brings a subtle intentional style to the room.


Waitu Blanket Sweatshirt



Confession: Sometimes it’s so chilly all we want to do is walk around the house wearing our blanket. And now we can! This cute blanket sweatshirt has been trending for years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s also an amazing gift for anyone in your life who needs a little boost of comfort. In fact, it would make a great White Elephant present this year.


Drew & Jonathan Home Bowen Lost City Area Rug



One of the mainstays of a cozy room is a soft center to bring it all together. The Bowen Lost City area rug has a geometric cross-stitching with alternating pile height, so it’s super comfy underfoot. This rug comes in two colorways—khaki and neutral—to fit your taste.


Alo Yoga Accolade Sweatpant

Alo Yoga


Lounge, sleep, relax, or run errands in these ultra-soft sweatpants. A unisex oversized style with French terry fabrication, they’re sure to keep you warm no matter what your plans are. There’s a fleece-y smoothness to their design as well, so if it’s softness you’re looking for, you found it! (But if you’re looking for something a little more economical, this pair is a great option for a fraction of the cost.)


La Jolie Muse Linen Scented Candle



Okay, fine, we’ll admit it—we’re obsessed with candles. But hear us out: La Jolie Muse is one of the best brands on the market right now, and it would be criminal not to recommend it on this list. The linen scent is luscious, clean, and peaceful. And its 50-hour burn time is the cherry on top! All you need is a good book and a warm blanket to complete the trifecta of a perfect Saturday morning.


Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe



Picture this: You just got out of a warm bubble bath, candle lit and coffee still warm, when you reach for your favorite soft plush robe. And suddenly everything is right in the world! That’s how we feel when we don Brooklinen’s robe, which is made with Turkish cotton.


MUK LUKS Leigh Slippers



Muk Luk slippers are iconic when it comes to cozy wearables. Since 1972, the family-owned business has been crafting unique, comfortable, and durable slippers for comfy-lovers like us! The slippers have a faux fur lining with foam insoles, as well as a thermoplastic outer sole so you won’t slip and slide around the house.

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