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5 Easy Ways to Get a Better Laundry Room

Consider this your primer for creating a space that’s as smart as it looks.

sea foam and white laundry room with washer and dryer

1. Basket Storage

Labeled baskets provide an eye-pleasing way to corral lint rollers, stain removers, and—alas—wayward socks. Avoid those pesky spares with Sock Cops ($10), resin clips that keep mates together through the spin cycle.

2. Hanging Rod

In lieu of a drying rack, hang a rod at least 12 inches away from the wall (to allow for hanger clearance). If you need to mount directly to the wall, check out the Oropy Industrial Pipe Clothes Rack (from $27).

3. Clear Containers

OK, so this is AP-level stuff, but decanting detergents (powder, liquid, and pods) into pretty Montana glass canisters (from $14.99) makes it easy to see when you’re almost out of something. Extra credit if you fill them up at a package-free shop.

4. Countertops

Tuck your front-load appliances under a quartz or quartzite countertop. It’s a great surface for folding, as it won’t snag your delicates and is water-resistant.

5. The Floor

Durable, water-resistant tile flooring will take a beating in a humid, water-prone laundry room. There are myriad options, but the oversize slate in the room pictured will mask scuffs in a high-traffic area.

By Caroline McKenzie Photography by Jay Wilde

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