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Inside The Design(s): July 1 HGTV Marathon

Enjoying the latest Property Brothers marathon? Check out more about some of the designs you’re watching on HGTV right now, and tune in for a brand-new Forever Home episode at 9 p.m. ET.

Designing Memories (Season 13, Episode 3)

This young couple wanted to go from a temporary basement situation to a bright, quirky home of their own. Once they settled on this 100-year-old fixer-upper, we got to work bringing their eccentric tastes to life.

The Homesick Cure (S14, E3)

Nathan and Natalia are ready to upgrade from their current rental situation to the home of their dreams. They saw huge potential in a single-story property with excellent curb appeal—it just needed some (okay, lots of) love on the inside. 

Cool Under Pressure (S13, E11)

As a nurse practitioner and physician, respectively, Carrie and Raza work long hours and deserve a relaxing sanctuary that they can retreat to. But their design goals are not quite as in sync as their professions: Carrie loves eclectic and bohemian decor, while Raza prefers a much simpler (and, ideally, black) aesthetic. 

Vegas For Good (S14, E17)

Del, Jen, and their teenage daughter Carli have been through a lot since losing their home in a fire (thankfully, no one was hurt, but nearly all of their stuff was lost). The family had been staying in a friend’s rental in the months after the tragedy, but were ready to put down roots and find their forever home in Las Vegas.

Marrying The Old And The New (Forever Home S2, E2)

Amy and Kate fell in love with a vintage home in an urban neighborhood filled with friends for their young twin boys, Edgar and Hank. Nine years later, some of the charm of their character home has worn off.

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