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Inside The Design(s): HGTV Aug. 26 Marathon

Need a distraction from those afternoon Zoom calls? Check out our Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon on HGTV right now and go Inside The Designs with us!

Fostering an Upgrade (Season 1, Episode 3)

It’s no surprise that James and Crystal want to stay in their charming single-story home rather than moving: In the 17 years they’ve lived there, they’ve raised 30 kids and made countless memories.

Raise the Kids, Ignore the House (S1, E11)

Vanessa and Michael have spent the past 16 years raising their two sons in the same home, in the same Toronto neighborhood where Vanessa grew up. Grandma is down the street, the boys are now teenagers—but while this family has changed, the house hasn’t.

Out of the Past and Into the Future (S3, E3)

Binh and Ramon have spent the past 18 years in a neighborhood they never want to leave, surrounded by trees, family and friends. They called on us to revamp their space to make life more comfortable for everyone, including their three kids.

Miracle House to Forever Home (S2, E4)

Irina and Dean’s home is a special place, and not just because they had their wedding in the backyard. Even though the house was relatively small, they thought of it as their forever home, because they were told they couldn’t have kids. 

Healthy Ever After (S3, E7)

Alison and Greg have lived in their Forever Home for 22 years, where they’ve raised kids, beaten cancer and celebrated with neighbors. They’re ready for a new, fresh chapter, and we were ready to help give it to them. 

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JD and Annalee (S1, E7)

Cue the warm and fuzzies—it was a Scott family reunion on this week’s episode of Forever Home! Our big brother JD and his fiancĂ©e, Annalee, tasked us with transforming JD’s Vegas man cave into a functional place to plant their roots. 

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