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Watch Drew Give a Tour of His Gorgeous New Outdoor Spaces

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There’s a lot going on at Drew’s house: Between the kids (welcome to the family, baby Piper!), new TV shows, and everything else they’re juggling, Drew and Linda are pretty busy. That’s why it was so important for their home to be a restful retreat. And even though they did a major reno on it years ago, there’s one area of the house Drew hasn’t shown off quite yet: the outdoor spaces! They’ve been pouring some major TLC into them lately and Drew’s ready to give a tour of his sleek, chic backyard, rooftop deck, patio, and more.

In the full video tour above, Drew first shares what his backyard used to look like when they moved in… and it needed a lot of love. It was essentially overgrown grass that he then overhauled to include an outdoor dining set, barbecue, lounge zones, play areas for Parker (and soon Piper), and a pool. Oh, and let’s not forget the lemon trees!

Then, he moves us along to the garage, which he actually uses as a home gym. After all, who wants to pay for a membership when you can lift those 3-pound weights in the comfort of your home? (Just kidding, he lifts 5!)

Courtesy of TimberTech

Now onto the real showstopper: the rooftop deck. The original balcony was tiny, and you had to crawl out a window to access it. Drew and Linda had put in a new deck to make the space functional, but the deck boards quickly warped and became a hazard within a month. So they upgraded to TimberTech Advanced PVC decking to create a durable, fire-resistant, and top-of-the-line deck that’s also made from up to 60% recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its life. It’s designed to resist fading, staining, and cracking, so Drew and Linda won’t have to worry about replacing it again as it’s covered by a Lifetime Limited Product Warranty. Plus, the English Walnut color they chose looks like natural wood, which gives it that sleek, beautiful finish that Drew was after. He even shows off how the reno came together, which you gotta see—it’s like a mini TV episode!

Courtesy of TimberTech

Drew also has a StruXure Pergola with pivoting louvers, cold plunge, hot tub, and sauna on the rooftop deck for the ultimate outdoor retreat. Plus, as a self-proclaimed “tech nerd” he can control all these shiny new features from his phone.

“For me it’s about function, automation in tech, and style. And you can see that my favorite space in the entire house has all those things right here,” he says. “My next question is: Who am I inviting over for dinner?”

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