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Inside The Design(s): HGTV Aug. 22 Marathon

It’s the freakin’ weekend, so pour some Cocoa Puffs and join us for a Forever Home marathon.

New Lease on Life (Season 2, Episode 12)

Paola is the rock of her family, a hardworking single mother of two whose home is the hub for every get-together. After Paola’s cancer diagnosis a year ago, and recent news of remission, she and daughter Michelle decided to prepare her forever home for the next years of extra-special celebrations.


Suburban Vegas Upgrade (S1, E5)

Becky and Michael wanted to modernize their Las Vegas home in every way, with a focus on storage and practicality for them and their three growing sons.

Keep The Charm, Not The Layout (S1, E9)

When Kate and Gavin first bought their home 10 years ago, it was just the two of them and a dog. Since then, they’ve added two kids and two more dogs to the mix.

With Neighbors This Good (S3, E11)

Brooke and Ben used to live abroad and moved houses eight times in 10 years. Seven years ago, they decided to return home to raise their kids and settled in a neighborhood surrounded by an incredible community. 

Family Friends (S1, E6)

Brian and Meghan’s sprawling Las Vegas property is a good example of a tough life lesson: Even the nicest homes can have design flaws.


A Forever Home for Two (S2, E8)

Leah and Jason’s forever home took almost that long to find, but after 50 tries, they finally got the house they wanted. Four years later, they still love the house, but they had taken their DIY projects as far as they could. 

Move-In Ready (S3, E12)

Jackie and JR tried for years to have children and had almost given up when their dream came true and they had two beautiful girls. Now, they needed a home to raise them in! 

Come On Over (S2, E11)

Steph and Chris love their neighborhood. They’ve lived in their home for 15 years, during which they’ve added two kids to the mix. They can’t imagine leaving their tight-knit community, so they were looking to make their space more flexible for everyone else.

The New Hub of the Neighborhood (S3, E5)

Ten years ago, Mark and Colette fell in love with a real fixer-upper and were determined to renovate it themselves. But with three active kids under the age of two, family life took over and their dream renovations were put on hold.

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