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Inside The Design(s): April 8 HGTV Marathon

Enjoying the latest Property Brothers marathon? Check out some of the designs you’re watching on HGTV right now, and tune in to Property Brothers: Forever Home tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET, including a brand new episode at 9 p.m. ET.

Gambles and Jackpots (Season 14, Episode 7)

After taking a chance on love, Las Vegas newlyweds Mindy and Paul went all-in on a search for the home where they could build their new life together. Over 150 houses later, they found the one in the right location with the potential to create the perfect space for entertaining. 

Cool Under Pressure (S13, E11)

As a nurse practitioner and physician, respectively, Carrie and Raza work long hours and deserve a relaxing sanctuary that they can retreat to. But their design goals are not quite as in sync as their professions: Carrie loves eclectic and bohemian decor, while Raza prefers a much simpler (and, ideally, black) aesthetic. 

Strength In Numbers (S14, E12)

With seven kids plus a baby on the way, Austin and Cody needed a home that would comfortably fit a family of 10. Since most houses simply aren’t built for that many people, we knew that whatever we found would have to undergo some major renovations to make it work. 

Vegas For Good (S14, E17)

Del, Jen, and their teenage daughter Carli have been through a lot since losing their home in a fire (thankfully, no one was hurt, but nearly all of their stuff was lost). The family had been staying in a friend’s rental in the months after the tragedy, but were ready to put down roots and find their forever home in Las Vegas.

Making Momma Happy (S13, E9)

After looking at several other properties, LaShawnda and Daniel decided to renovate a home they already owned in their dream neighborhood. But there was a good reason it wasn’t their first option: For every precious memory the house contained, there was a major issue, from a leaky ceiling to shoddy HVAC and electrical systems to the biggest snake we’ve ever encountered on the job. 

Miracle House to Forever Home (Forever Home S2, E4)

Irina and Dean’s home is a special place, and not just because they had their wedding in the backyard. Even though the house was relatively small, they thought of it as their forever home, because they were told they couldn’t have kids. 

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