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Dec. 2 Forever Home HGTV Marathon

Catch up on all the latest Property Brothers: Forever Home episodes right now on HGTV before an all-new Forever Home episode at 9|8c.

Buying Mom and Dad’s House (Season 4, Episode 4)

Mike and Ashley were high school sweethearts, so when Ashley’s parents went to sell her childhood home—where Mike picked up Ashley for prom—they jumped at the chance to buy it. Now they want our help to put their own stamp on the home. 

When Tragedy Strikes (S3, E13)

Charlotte and Chris had just moved into their dream neighborhood to raise their two-year-old daughter, and they couldn’t wait to renovate and put down roots. Just as we started renovations, though, an enormous tree fell on the home, demolishing the upper floor. 

With Neighbors This Good (S3, E11)

Brooke and Ben used to live abroad and moved houses eight times in 10 years. Seven years ago, they decided to return home to raise their kids and settled in a neighborhood surrounded by an incredible community. 


Healthy Ever After (S3, E7)

Alison and Greg have lived in their Forever Home for 22 years, where they’ve raised kids, beaten cancer and celebrated with neighbors. They’re ready for a new, fresh chapter, and we were ready to help give it to them. 

So Much Love To Give (S4, E1)

Kevin and Jammie bought their suburban Vegas home when it was just the two of them. Years later, they jumped at the chance to adopt three boys under five —and ended up adopting their baby sister, too. 

Building The Nest (S4, E3)

Sarah and Todd’s nine-year old home has taken a beating from their two boys’ indoor slapshots and line drives. The house’s builder-basic finishes aren’t holding up, the main floor lacks storage, and the boys need a hangout space of their own. 

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