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Stardrops The Pink Stuff Multi-Purpose Spray


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Product Description

A happy home is one that is cleaned and cared for. The Pink Stuff spray is the perfect, natural addition to your housekeeping routine. Not only is it powerful enough to tackle even the toughest stains, but it’s versatile enough to be used in any room of your home. Adding this weapon to your cleaning arsenal will save you precious time and effort.

Multi-Purpose Power 

Not all cleaning sprays are created equal. The Pink Stuff multi-purpose cleaner can be used on any hard surface throughout your home. From bathrooms to your kitchen, this all-natural spray is gentle enough to be used every day. Better yet, it can be used outdoors, too! There’s a reason this cleaning spray is becoming a fan-favorite. 

Tough on Stains 

The Pink Stuff spray effortlessly cuts through grease and stubborn stains. This ultra-functional cleaner helps you cut down scrubbing time, so you can spend more of your day doing what truly matters—enjoying your space with your loved ones. With its fruity rhubarb scent this self-proclaimed miracle spray will have your space looking and smelling fresh.

Vegan Versatility

Not only can you relax in a spotless space, but you can also clean your home with confidence by using all-natural cleaning products. The Pink Stuff spray is a vegan, cruelty-free solution designed to effortlessly tackle everyday wear and tear in your home—even around children and pets.

More Than Just a Spray

The Pink Stuff multi-purpose cleaner harnesses all-natural cleaning power in more ways than one. In addition to the convenient spray, The Pink Stuff can be picked up as a cleaning paste, cream, or foam to combat stains on anything from grout to grills. This vegan cleaning product leaves your living space sparkly clean so you can clean with confidence and without harsh chemicals.

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Why We Love It
  • Best Seller
  • All-natural cleaning solution work for homes with pets or children 
  • Powerful enough to tackle tough stains 
  • Fruity rhubarb scent gives your home a fresh springtime feeling
  • Smell may be strong for those with scent sensitivities 
  • May leave streaks on some surfaces

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