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Experts Share the Most Forgotten Spaces You Need to Clean ASAP

places you forget to clean

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The hard truth: There are definitely some places you forget to clean in your house. The good news: We have the best tips from experts in the industry to finally help you get those tough spots sparkling. Things like cleaning the fridge or the showerhead are definitely often neglected, but our pros are sharing some spaces you might not have even given a second thought. No matter how much you think you’re scrubbing or washing, there’s always room for improvement and new corners to discover.

Our three professional and influencer home cleaning experts dug deep into which spaces they believe are the most often forgotten. Rochelle Stewart, Ross (@CleanWithRab), and Azure MacCannell are no strangers to an extensive scrub-down. And as they’ve tackled more rooms, they’ve not only collected tips on how to get those often-neglected places looking great, but also how to make a deep clean feel organized and doable. For example, Stewart is a big fan of tidying up before cleaning up, which really helps diminish visual clutter. MacCannell suggests cleaning by type rather than by room (cleaning all the mirrors at once, all the floors, all the windows, etc.). Whereas Ross suggests doing what you can to make cleaning fun—he recommends making a playlist and jamming out while you break out your cleaning supplies. Keep scrolling for more of their tips!

Rochelle N. Stewart


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Rochelle Stewart of @Operation_Niki has amassed over five million followers across her platforms for sharing her helpful cleaning and organization tips. Her passion for orderliness has been part of her personality ever since she was a small child. Back then, Stewart was teased for organizing books and dolls. But as it turns out, that would become one of her greatest gifts.

Now, Stewart has started a movement to keep your home smelling clean and looking fabulous. She often posts ASMR-style videos that walk you through her step-by-step cleaning guide for each room of the house. You can follow her on YouTube at @operationniki and on TikTok and Instagram at @operation_niki.

Rochelle’s Top 3 Places You Forget to Clean:

  1. Garbage Can: I like to use the Clorox wand to scrub the inside, so I don’t have to put half my body in the garbage can to clean it. You can also pour a small amount of hot water along with a disinfectant of your choice. Afterwards, throw in a Febreze small space freshener to keep it smelling fresh. 
  2. Behind Appliances: I like to make sure the vents of my refrigerator are dust-free. Dust tends to accumulate around the vents of the fridge, which makes it work harder, and diminishes the longevity of the appliance. I like to clean behind those unseen places like behind the stove and fridge, because there are always crumbs and dust accumulating back there and that can attract pesky insects and, potentially, rodents. 
  3. Dishwasher: I believe people tend to forget that the gunk and food from our dishes accumulates and stay at the bottom of the trays in the dishwasher. So it’s important to do a deep clean of the appliance every so often, to avoid odors and smells. This keeps the appliance running smoother and will increase its longevity. (PS: Your garbage disposal could probably use some TLC, too!)

Clean With Rab

Ross (aka @CleanWithRab) is a humble dad on a cleaning mission. “I’ve always enjoyed keeping a house clean for as long as I can remember,” Ross says. “I’m just an average busy 31-year-old husband and father who enjoys cleaning and keeping things as organized as possible.” His videos are often inspiring, informational, and fun. When he first began posting on social media in 2021, he was “just sharing videos of how I clean some of my appliances, oven, etc. These initial videos did well and I started to build up a bit of a following, so I expanded my content to cover general tips on maintaining a clean home, some hacks, what products work well, and how to use them.”

Before he knew it, he built a following of over half a million people from all around the world who head to his page for cleaning tips for busy households and active families with kids and pets. Check out his clever cleaning hacks on TikTok at @CleanWithRab.

Top 3 Places You Forget to Clean:

  1. Skirting Boards
  2. Headboards
  3. Kitchen Units/Refrigerators

These places are often left to gather dust, which can travel around the room. So the best advice I can give is to regularly wipe them down with a damp cloth, no chemicals needed. For on top of your kitchen units and/or refrigerator, leave a sheet of parchment paper above them (hidden) and change these regularly—that way, you won’t need to reach far back to clean, the dust will gather on the sheets, and you can swap them easily!

Azure MacCannell

Azure MacCannell has built her home organizing business and her social media following around reducing waste, saving money, and focusing on cleanliness. “As a mother of four young children, I knew the systems I had developed and used in my own home could help others,” she says, “I had tested many safe cleaning products that fell short when it came to effectiveness. So it became my mission to find affordable cleaning solutions that work and won’t harm our families. I’m all about balance.”

On her website, livecomposed.com, MacCannell blogs about her clean-home must-haves and space-saving hacks to get your home as tidy as can be. Follow her to get her best knowledgable cleaning advice and organization tips on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and X at @livecomposed.

Azure’s Top 4 Places You Forget to Clean:

  1. Vents and Filters: Everything from floor and wall vents, bathroom exhaust, microwave and dishwasher filters, washing machine filters, HVAC, auto vents, and more. Locate the vents/filters in your home and set up a routine. Mark it on your calendar, remembering that how often they should be cleaned depends on your environment. Many vent covers are dishwasher safe. But don’t just vacuum the surface—take the cover off too, as much of the filth is hiding inside.
  2. Walls: I’m always amazed at how few people wash their walls! Wall-washing improves air quality and reduces allergens. I recommend using a tool like the CHOMP wall mop or a household mop paired with a paint-safe wall spray such as 5-Minute CleanWalls or ZEP wall cleaning foam. Always work from the top down, and spray onto the mop—not directly onto the wall. With any new cleaner, always spot test first. Take the time to use the tool on baseboards, too. 
  3. Under Toilet Lid/Seat Hinge: Many people don’t realize that the whole seat/lid of a toilet pops off. Some you twist the hinge and pull up, others may need a quick unscrew. Gunk is hiding under there and it smells, I promise! 
  4. Dryer Vents: Not only will this improve your drying time but clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard. They should be cleaned a minimum of once per year, and even more often if frequently used, you have pets, or there’s a long run from the dryer to the outdoors. While a professional service can be utilized, it’s an easy DIY with a kit that is attached to a drill (like Deflecto).

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