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How to Wrap a Gift in the Easiest Way Possible

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The holiday season calls for hot cocoa, festive dinner parties, playing games with loved ones, and of course—gifts! With all the wrapping of gift boxes, small stocking stuffers, and oddly-shaped gag gifts, it’s easy to find yourself chock-full of paper cuts and worn out with wrapping fatigue. Well, what if we told you exactly how to wrap a gift in half the time with just a couple affordable gadgets from Amazon? Believe it! Because we have just the solution to make your holiday present packing less of a chore.

When it comes to gift exchanges with the family, there’s nothing better than opening up a beautifully-wrapped gift. You can tell someone took the time to pick out gorgeous paper and present it in a way that looks and feels so thoughtful. You can become that master gifter this season with less effort than you think. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you didn’t take hours wrapping the presents!) So set the kids up with some entertainment—like our free holiday coloring pages—and get to it!


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How to Make Gift Wrapping Simple: 101

It really can be easy as pie! (Or Christmas cookies, rather.) With just a couple of small wrapping tools, a few pretty gift accessories, and some patience, you can wrap your gift like a pro (in half the time, without the headache).

If you want some crafty, creative gift wrapping inspiration, look no further than beneath our editor’s tree. Check out our TikTok video to see how she wrapped all her gifts quick and easy.

We’ve layed out the steps below one-by-one below so you easily can follow along. Thank goodness for modern-day gift wrapping gadgets!

First, Stock Up on Your Gift Wrapping Essentials

Now Let’s Get Wrapping!

Using the Little ELF

This Little ELF knows his way around gift wrapping. In fact, it may even feel like you actually have a little elf helping you out this holiday season. It cuts your gift wrap right to size, easily, quickly, and safely. One Amazon customer even wrote, “You almost feel like an alchemist transforming ordinary paper into gilded sheets of festive exuberance.”

Just roll out your paper to size, wrap your ELF around the base of the tube, and glide it across the wrapping paper. Voilà! You have yourself a perfectly straight piece of wrapping paper (sans the paper cuts).

Using the Wrap Buddies

Wrap Buddies

Using the Wrap Buddies will totally change your mind about wrapping paper. More often than not, toying with wrapping paper and making sure it stays put in the position that you want requires a balancing act of holding one side down with scissors while measuring around the box with the other hand. And before you know it, the paper’s cut too short and you’re trying to rig a spare piece of wrapping paper around the gift. Say “goodbye” to all that rigamarole. The Wrap Buddies easily clamp down onto your countertop or table to stretch out the wrapping paper to the perfect size. They also comes with a built-in slot to store your tape for single-handed use!

After your jiffy-quick wrapping, you can add festive gift tags, stickers of Santa or glittery trees, or any other gift wrap accessories you like. You can get creative and go all-out on a triple-wrapped satin bow, or follow in our editor’s footsteps to create a gorgeous Christmas tree out of ribbon and tape it onto the top of your present. The possibilities are endless!

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