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19 Best Funny Gag Gifts for Stocking Stuffers and Beyond

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‘Tis the season for funny gag gifts! Yes, it’s important to pick up thoughtful presents for everyone on your list. But if you’re anything like Drew and Jonathan, you also like to have a few laughs during the holiday season. Whether it’s finding a silly White Elephant gift or picking stocking stuffers that’ll get a few shrieks from your loved ones, a good gag gift never goes out of style.

These ideas are sure to get a rise out of the lucky (or maybe unlucky) recipient. There’s a mix of the classics, like whoopee cushions and fake lotto tickets, and a few tricks you might not have seen before, like boxes advertising fake products. (Pet serving vest, anyone?) You can even wrap up literally nothing. Basically, it’s a treasure trove of funny presents you can enjoy for Christmas, April Fools’ Day, birthdays, and beyond. But you’ve been warned—we can’t protect you from any retaliation that comes your way!


LUCOTIYA Funny Scented Candle



This is perfect for the busy mom who needs a laugh. It’ll make her smile whenever she sees it, but it’s practical too, since it smells like cloves and has 45-55 hours of burn time.


Hydroplus Blockbuster Prank Gift Card



The best part about this gag gift will be seeing how long it takes them to realize the Blockbuster gift card is a fake. (Though we do miss renting movies!)


Adulting Merit Badge Mug

Uncommon Goods


Adulting is hard, but this mug makes it better. It celebrates those little achievements in life, like actually eating breakfast, going to bed at a decent hour, or just putting on pants. That’s a win in our book!


AtaroDesigns Gift Not Included



They’ve certainly received gifts that needed batteries, but have they ever gotten the batteries without a gift? Now they have!


Hauledi Whoopee Cushion



Ah, the humble whoopee cushion. For those who like an oldie but a goodie, this is your April Fools or holiday best friend.


Prank Pack Pet Butler Gift Box



These Prank Pack boxes are pretty clever. They advertise a fake item and it’s hard not to believe it’s true! As a bonus, you can put a real gift inside to soften the blow.


Chocolate Storybook Pickle-Flavored Cotton Candy



Put a little of this pickle cotton candy into another container and tell them it’s apple flavored. The expression on their face when they have a bite will be priceless. Or just serve it in the original packaging just to see what they think out the gate.


Witty Yetty The Gift of Nothing



It’s nothing…literally. As the box says, it’s better than something.


FUN delivery: Frickin’ Cricket



Want to drive someone really wild? Place this cricket noisemaker—which also has cat, smoke detector, and record-your-own settings—in their house. It claims it can last for 3-4 days…


FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box



Wrap this up like a lovely gift and watch as their faces go from excitement to panic.


FCTRY Mustache Binky



Family coming over for weekend brunch? Let your toddler don this mustache binky and see who does a double-take.


Prank Pack Jigsaw Puzzle



Gift this to the person who’s always beating you during game night. It’ll get a good laugh out of ’em.


Vanvene Potato Chip Snake in a Can



Another classic is a snake-in-a-can. Place it in the pantry and see which family member shrieks first.


Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Uncommon Goods


You’ve heard of fortune cookies, but what about misfortune cookies? These are sure to make any recipient chuckle.


Wick Works Dumpster Fire Candle



Dumpster fires have become the favorite adjective for coworkers and friends alike. Why not give them a way to enjoy their distress with a candle that captures the feeling?


Laughing Smith Fake Lottery Tickets



Hand these out to everyone at your next group dinner… they’ll be shocked to find out everyone’s a winner.


Lester’s Fixins Outrageous Wild Crazy Unique Flavor Soda



Ranch dressing soda, anyone? Or maybe bacon pop? Keep these in the fridge and offer them to your guests just to see how they react.


Rainbow Socks Sushi Socks Set



This is a great one because it’ll get an initial reaction from whoever’s receiving it and they’ll actually get a cute present from the deal.


Larkmo Fake Parking Tickets



Sneak this onto your favorite coworker or family member’s windshield. Don’t forget to record their reaction!

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